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  1. I'm looking for any guidance on mapping software that might be available for a Mac. On the Windows side, there are many software titles including DeLorme, all the Garmin Map Source software, etc.

    This doesn't have to be linked to a GPS, just a stand alone piece that you can ask how to get from here to there, then be able to print out directions and a map....this would be used when an internet connection is not available.

    Thanks for any suggestions,

  2. For your purposes, Streets & Trips would be best, but you'd have to use a program to replicate it for use on a Mac. It's a great product, lots of features including shortest route, quickest route, best roads route.... time and distance. I love it and use it all the time on the road.
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  4. Thank you appears that I will need to invest in a Windows environment for the Mac.

  5. I generally just go to google maps. Google Earth is available for the Mac. I think it also does routings but I have not done it recently enough to remember for sure.
  6. You might want to try

    I just came across this site a few days ago. Never seen or tried it myself but it might be what you are looking for.

    Please keep up posted !
  7. I've tried a most of the Mac approaches to mapping over the years and have given up. None ever came close to Streets and Trips on a PC. I now run it under Parallels on my Mac.
  8. Thanks all....

    I did investigate RouteBuddy but it seems to be missing the address/go to features in most windows based, mapping systems.

    This seems to be a missing applications area for the Mac....appears I'll have to run parallels to be able to get the functionality/software choices I need.


  9. It sounds like you are looking for street-level maps, but just FYI the National Geographic ToPo series is available for Macs and I've been using it for a couple of years - you can get an entire state's worth of 7.5 minute USGS quads in full color and seamless on your screen - plus you can upload/download waypoints/tracks/routes with ease and create an elevation profile and even see everything in 3d too - but since these are simply a scan of the USGS quads much of the info is outdated (some maps for the Arkansas backcountry where I live were last updated in the 1930's, which means there is some really interesting stuff on them!)...
  10. Google Earth for the Mac will provide directions. Seems to do a really good job and seems to be pretty current.
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    check the link out mapping software for the Mac, why run a bad os on top of a great one
  12. I'll look into the link........and I agree, I hate to load another OS just for mapping.

    Tim, I've got the software you mentioned and it is pretty impressive...