Martha Stewart uses my photo without my permission!

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  1. Holy Cow! If you can't trust Martha Stewart; who can you trust?

    I took this image a couple days ago and obviously Martha stole and cropped it. . . . it now appears on the cover of her magazine.

    Original Image:

    The Cover:

    (I tried to upload this on the 1st but it got stuck in the mail server). :)
  2. Good mockup there Gerald. Ya had me goin' there for a minute.:biggrin:
  3. *ROTFLMBO* Got me..... love those titles!
  4. What I really loved was the address label.:biggrin:
  5. Me too, 2nd thing I looked at.
  6. Whoa, I was ready to go to the magazine stand for the spitton makeovers until read some of the posts.
  7. Gr8Tr1x

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    Its taking a while to load for me...I'll caome back and check it later. Sounds like a hoot.
  8. NewShooter

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    That was funny. Made me laugh outloud.

  9. Hehe

    I LoL'ed