Maturing tastes, or lower standards?

Jan 26, 2005
San Jose, CA
Times change. Just ask my old buddy, Ed Neal. Years ago, when we used to meet up on the DPR Nikon SLR Lens forum, he was Mr. Prime Lens, and I was Mr. Pro Glass. Now we're both over the moon about an inexpensive telephoto lens that's neither prime nor professional.

If you told me back then that I'd be happier with a 70-300VR than I was with my beloved 80-200/2.8... or that I'd prefer a $125 consumer lens over the Beast for walk-around duty, I'd have never believed you.

Don't get me wrong... I still love my pro glass. But these days my preferred kit for casual outings is a d200, 28-105, 70-300VR, and a flash. I don't take out the pro stuff unless I have a special need or am on a job.

That doesn't mean my eyesight has faded or my standards have crashed. It just means the consumer lenses can do a great job in adequate light, and that they're fun to use. They're good looking, too. :wink:

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Jan 15, 2006
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Whatever it is Frank, I've caught it too! :)

Seriously though, I think part of it may be simply that some of these "consumer" lenses that have hit the market in recent years are just darn good! Like you, I've been having a blast with my 70-300 VR. Yeah, I probably wouldn't shoot a concert with it - I'd use my 70-200 f/2.8 VR for that. But I haven't shot a concert in ages, so guess what - the "lowly" 70-300 VR has been the lens of choice lately.

Then there's the 18-200 VR, which some people dismiss quickly. My wife, who had never even used a dslr, got some great results with it at our son's wedding in the Bahamas. She used it on a D200 body, and got very sharp, colorful results - consistenly. I was proud to show her results, even though they were made with that "lowly" consumer lens.

The fact is many of these consumer lenses are very capable, within limitations. By that I mostly mean good light. You also nailed it, with your statement that they're fun to use.
Nov 26, 2007
I just noticed it now that Frank pointed it out! :) Nice to see a fellow Phillip
Yummmm, you're making me hungry. Throw in some kare-kare and lichon and its a fiesta. Fellow Philip here as well. Glad to know there are some representation on this forum :smile:
You know when there are gadgets and electronics involved there's sure to be some Flips representing! :tongue:

Don't forget the halo halo!
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