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Maybe I'm just asking too much from a P&S

Discussion in 'Other Cool Gear, Camera Bags, Camera Straps' started by bwilder10h, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. My wife is due July 1st with our first child. I currently have a D2X for the money shots. :biggrin: but I wanted something in a smaller case to carry around with me for those times when a SLR isn't convenient and also wanted something that would do video for those moments you dont want to miss on tape.

    I used to own a Sony P200 that took incredible photos in a compact size and the video was pretty good too. I sold it to a co-worker to upgrade to a Canon SD700 but wasn't happy with the image quality and the fact that you could not control the focal point, so I parted ways with it as well.

    After reading some reviews, last Friday I picked up a Canon G7 and tried it for 6 days before the return policy was up at the store I bought it from. It's a nice camera but the video was terrible. As the camera would change aperature and focal distances, there would be a loud clicking sound that would play over the audio portion of the clip. I also wasn't too impressed with the flash output setting in the menu system that would display when using manual or aperature priority mode... not allowing me to get a reasonable shot from the camera indoors with the flash.

    I know I'm spoiled by the image quality of the Nikon SLR lineup and could easily get a D50 and leave my 35 f/2 on it if I need to carry one all the time but that frame really isn't small enough for the use that I want. The G7 was hardly what I would consider a pocket camera but it was doable...
    However, that takes me back to the video issue. I don't want to lug a camera and a video camera.

    Any suggestions? My second choice before buying the G7 was the Fuji F31fd but the video mode didn't get the greatest reviews on dpreview. Realizing it's a camera first and does video second, I'll have to live with certain things but this clicking during playback is aweful.
  2. Brian, I'm still using and loving the little Canon SD300. The video at 60fps is wonderful, I don't get any clicking noise. As far as focusing, I just do a centre focus on the half press, and then reframe if needed. The macro functions exceptionally well, and the camera fits into any pocket. Quick startup and excellent IQ as far as I'm concerned. I've started doing more and more video with mine. I still like it so much that I have no wish to upgrade to a newer model.
  3. BK1


    Jan 25, 2006
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Brian - I hadn't tried the video on my Fuji F40d until I saw your post here - so I did. It seems pretty respectable to me for a tiny little P & S.

    I only have a Smugmug account at home and I can't remember the login for my company website atm - but if you'd like me to I can take a couple more .avi's with it and upload them to it tommorow or Friday for you to look at.

    The one I just did in my basement is 268mb so it's probably a bit large for email. ;) 

    edit: I guess it's all a waste of time - I just reviewed the video I did again and I'm getting the same clicking sounds you're experiencing too when the camera changes aperture and focal distance. :\
  4. Bill,

    I appreciate the offer but I downloaded the video from the review at dpreview and checked it out. Seemed reasonable so I went over to the local retailer this afternoon to check the camera out further. I was kinda disappointed by the shot to shot time with the flash so I decided against it.

    Just as the title states, maybe my expectations are too high.
  5. Fuji 30 or 40D is probably your best bet - Amazing lowlight high ISO performance that rivals D50/70s. Somehow I have a feeling they might not allow flash in the delivery room :) 
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