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Meet Benson in 2005

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Lou Buscher, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. My trip to the Delaware Raptor Center this day was to get some close ups of Benson. Benson is a resident bird and as you can see not quite to his adult plumage back than and still lacks a lot of white. But that does not make Benson very friendly to anyone but Jan his trainer and handler. Jan is going to bring Benson over to me so I can get a few nice close ups for prints for Foster Parents. I am hoping Benson will be in a good mode for his photo to be taken.

    #1 Her you can see Jan approaching Benson to pick him up on her forearm. The leather straps you see on his legs are called Jesses and are left on the bird at all times so it can be controlled while roosting on a forearm.
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    #2 Jan is getting Benson to climb up on her gloved hand and forearm to bring over to me.
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  2. #3 After we selected a nice spot to try for some close ups (I always try to avoid the flash) I managed to gain his confidence (not to sure from this look) I am able to get these and a few I discarded as I did not like the light.
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    #6 What a good guy he was for us this day and now he is a full fledged bald eagle but will always remain a resident bird. A wing injury prevents him from ever going back to the wild.
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    I make regular trips to the center and go if they need some photos. There is a piece about the DVRC on my web home page it you care to read more about them and their work with injured raptors. www.loubuscher.com
  3. WOW, he's beautiful! And you're so Blessed to get to do photos like these!
  4. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Benson is a very beautiful Bald EAgle
    Beautiful shots Lou
    thanks for sharing him with us
  5. Thanks Dianne and I'll be sure to get some up to date ones as I need to make the trip soon as I do so enjoy a day there with Stephanie and Bill Streeter the owners of the center. In case you want to take a look (awwhh go on) click here if you didn't already.
    http://www.loubuscher.com/Delaware Valley Raptor Center.htm
  6. Hi Gale and thanks. I hoped you can take a little stroll through the rehab center, www.dvrconline.org
    I would like to bring one thing to anyones attention that is interested and that is to notice the coloring of Bensons beak and feet. They are not what an eagle of this age would be if it were wild. Notice the lack of yellow color in them. Very common with raptors that have been rehabbed and cannot be released due to the diet they recieve in a captured state. This just is a very hard thing to try and avoid.
  7. Schnauzermom


    Apr 13, 2007
    He's incredible! And so are the pics!
  8. Sorry Dianne I am leading you the long way if you want to visit the center.
    Try here www.dvrconline.org
  9. Nice series and story Lou. My sister used to work at The Raptor Trust, and handled birds like this. They can be a handful, and while that leather glove is "protection" if the bird wanted to he could go right thru it. Glad to see he was on his best behavior. :smile:
  10. Thanks Lisa, Yes he is a really good looking eagle now and I really should be going for a visit soon. Lots of birds I visit with as I spend the day.
  11. Thank you backdoctor, sometimes my stories from the center are not as nice but I am happy to share this one. Your right about the glove and the pressure they can apply with their talons. A golden has more pressure in it's talons than the bite of a german shepard.
  12. Handsome devil, isn't he??? I do love #5 - outstanding. So nice that an injured bird gets saved and then cared for. Out in the wilds, he'd be a fox's lunch.
  13. Sandi Thanks and yes he is a good looking bird and he now contributes info to the public and school kids about the bald eagle here in N.Y and Pa. You see the center does shows for the public (at a cost as the center recieves no help) Sometimes Benson is the main attraction for the folks that come. If Julia (a golden) is there than she is the main attraction. I love the kids and the way they look when he or Julia comes out on stage. It's a great show and I really love being a part of one. But the biggest mind blower is when we release an eagle back to the wild and watch it soar up up and away. You do kind of choke up a bit.
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