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Meet Mary Ann

Discussion in 'Other Animals' started by JohnSR, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Mary Ann is a 9 month old English Bull Terrier and is still full of puppy doings. She love climbing on logs and stumps. Have owned BT's for more than 40 years, the house would be very lonely without one.

    Trouble with photographing a white dog, it is hard not to blow highlights somewhere on her body.
    70/300 @ 70mm
    ISO 320
    w/b auto
    Color Space - Landscape
  2. Oh my goodness gracious is she the cutest or what? I've been keeping my eye out at rescues and shelters for an EBT...I want one so badly! :)  Mary Ann is precious and that is a wonderful picture of a white dog - I have problems with the white stripe on Buster, I can't imagine if he were completely white.
  3. ArtO


    Jun 14, 2008
    Good looking dog and a nice image too.
  4. BEAUTIFUL DOG and great shot!!!

    Two questions (and the first I feel I should know already):
    Is there a difference between just a Bull Terrier and an English Bull Terrier?
    Or is it the same dog maybe just the full name of the breed? Kind of like people like to call American Pit Bull Terriers, American Pit Bulls, Pit Bulls, and Pit Bull Terriers?

    Have you found any dog aggression with your Bull Terriers? I know it's common for some bully breeds, so I was just wondering if you have ever experienced it with your BTs?
  5. Schnauzermom


    Apr 13, 2007
    WOW - rare to see those "live" around here. She's gorgeous!
  6. Mary Ann is a very cute dog
    great shot

    would love to see more
  7. Mary Ann is drop dead gorgeous! Nice job on her portrait, John.

    Was the lens the 70-300VR? Do you like it on your D3?
  8. Bluth_Fan, thank you for your comments. If you are interested in getting a BT, check the net for a BT club close to you. The BT club will have a listing of what we call "welfare BTs". They are dogs who became orphans due to their master dying or someone who just can't take care of it anymore.

    When a BT comes in to a shelter, the operators will notify the local club and we will retrieve the BT and place it in a foster home until we can find a new home for it. We want the best for the BT so not everyone would qualify to receive an orphan BT.

    If you are looking to get a baby BT, again check with the local club as they will have a listing of the litters that are on the ground. When my bull terrier "Gidget" passed away in December, the only white BT litter close was down in Arizona. We live near Seattle. When Mary Ann became 8 weeks old, (Feb 3d) my wife hopped on a plane and picked her up. It was a same day round trip. That was one of the longest days of my life.

    They grow up so fast so if you get one, enjoy it every day as there is nothing like owning a Bull Terrier.
  9. Chewbecca - To answer your question. Yes, they are the same dog. There are two classes, colored and white. When a white female is bred to a white male, there is a good chance there will be some colored babies.

    As for aggression, I sure there are some which will show it but the five BT's I have owned over the last 40 years didn't show any. A dog is as good as the way it is raised.
    From the time my buddies were babies, I would put my hands it their mouth and play with their teeth, rub my face against their face, roll they over on their backs and rub their belly. The reason I did this was not just cause it was fun but to show them who the "Alpha" was.
  10. Uncle Frank - Yes that photo was taken with the 70/300vr. Just picked it up Monday and so far am satisfied with what I see.

    Was going to get the 70/200 2.8 but after putting it on the D3, it was just too heavy. I already have one heavy lens (24/70 2.8) Most of my shooting in the 35-50mm range so the 24/70 stays on the D3 most of the time.

    I spent 6 hours hiking around the Mt Rainier NP last week with D3 and 24/70 around my neck. At 70 years old, could feel it for a few days. Think next time will take the D200 and the 24/120vr with me.
  11. Hey John...
    Your new "Buddy" is a beauty.... What a lovely looking "BT"...
    Nice job of capturing her.... Well done....
  12. shtarka1


    Feb 1, 2008
    She's Awesome!
  13. Oh! I wasn't talking about human aggression. Most (if not all) bully breeds usually don't show human aggression at all, unless they're a guardian bred American Bulldog.
    I was talking about dog aggression. The two types of aggression are separate from each other.
    My dog is really dog aggressive (though we are working on this), but she would NEVER harm a human. She would never even think about it.
    Due to my dog's breed being bred for what they were bred for for over 200 years, her breed (american pit bull terrier) is predisposed to dog aggression.
    The mistake often made when people think of her breed, is that human aggression and dog aggression mean/are the same thing.
    Like anything or anyone with a predisposition to something, if the correct trigger comes along, it can bring it out. But in dogs, the trigger can be as tiny as simply the age of maturity.
    I didn't raise my dog to be dog aggressive. I didn't raise her; I adopted her. But she didn't come to me already dog aggressive.
    She "turned on" when she was about 3 1/2 years old.

    I just wasn't sure if dog aggression was as likely to occur in Bull Terriers as it is in my dog's breed.

    Again, beautiful picture! I really admire Bull Terriers.
  14. lmorgan


    Jun 27, 2008
    NCentral IL
    She's just gorgeous!!!
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