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Meet me at dusk

Discussion in 'Macro, Flowers, Insects, and Greenery' started by Panos Kazanelis, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. Shot at a nearby forest of Eucalyptus trees next to my Flamingo lagoon (nope, they're not here yet...)
    Some of these trees reach 100ft!

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  2. Nice pic Panos, but I hate these trees, because they have been introduced to a region where they do not belong. They can be found all over the Mediterranean now whereas many indigenous tree species are threatened.
  3. Thanks Harry :smile:
    I remember these trees as long as I can remember ...myself. In addition, ancient Greeks used them for medical reasons (and some partying :wink: ) so that makes them at least 2,500 years old.
  4. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  5. And that's unfortunately VERY true... Some time ago, I discovered that they have planted 1,500,000 American Pines during a re-forestation program...

    It's the first time in my life -as a med- to see the traditional pine next to the fir-shaped pine mutants... :eek: 

    Next thing to see is a Double Coated Black Labrator Retriever in the very hot and humid Cyprus.... Hey!!!... wait a minute... that's Lambros!!!!
    hmmm :confused: 
  6. Neat perspective on this shot Panos. We had a lot of Eucalyptus trees where I lived in California many years ago. Everything falls off those trees, bark, nuts, leaves, etc. Not the most pleasant of trees to have in or near your yard. They were not native to that area either. By the way, who does claim them as native to their area??
  7. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Beautiful shot Panos, like that one alot.

  8. Eucalyptus | Wikipedia
    It is really an immigrant from Australia that arrived as many immigrants have in ...any country, surreptitiously.

    It is the remarkable eucalyptus of which we speak that came from the virgin forests of that vast land down under, Australia. It is as curious as that land with its pouched animals and mysterious aborigines.

    The tree is indigenous with a few exceptions to Australia and Tasmania. The genus contains about 300 species and is one of the most characteristic genera of the Australian flora.
  9. I don't mind these trees here where I live in Northern California. Considering how many trees we humans are mowing down, any tree is a good one. There is one near my house that has to be at least a few hundred years old. It is about four meters in diameter at its base.

    They don't seem to have displaced any of the local fauna.

    Nice photo.
  10. Great perspective Panos!

    I am wondering if the eucalyptus species are the same as those in Australia? We called them gum trees here, and is what the koala thrives on.

  11. Well, of course no-one minds about the origin of trees and other greenery... It's good to have them, unless they prove "dangerous" to the rest of the flora...

    We don't call them gum trees just because none is actually ...chewing them (unless from some wild party-animals) :wink:

    There seems to be plenty of Eucalyptus trees in Cyprus and Greece and I think they actually ARE considered "indigenous species".

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  12. Gum trees

    Thanks Panos for sharing your gum trees, great perspective as always. Got me thinking about the 12-24mm lens or a super wide lens... :rolleyes:  don't think the boss will approve...

    Makes me curious about the eucalyptus species too, so I did some simple search and found some information. Not sure, but there are indications that eucalyptus were introduced to the Mediterranean region for reforestation purposes, and in particular to stem soil erosion. But hey, I am not a botanist or ecologist...

    Some interesting readings below:
    Do koalas really get drunk on gum leaves?

    Thanks for the inspiration, so much to learn and so little time...

  13. Callie

    Callie Guest

    Hi Panos
    Very interesting POV and a super blue sky.
    Enjoyed the discussion you had on the tree species. Now I have a quetion - Oz was only "discovered " recently, long before the hayday of Greece, on the time scale. So, if these are introduced Aussie trees, when did they apear. You mention years - here with us, they grow that tall in about 100 years.
    But whatever way you look at it, I like the pic and the conversation it generated.
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