Meet my son, Aljaz

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  1. Here is a tight one of him. I was actually testing different setups. ISO 1000 as it was getting dark. My opinion is it is focused just a bit too much in front and slightly overexposed. I tried my best with highlights in PS and family likes it! That's all that matters.


    Allways open for your suggestions.
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  2. ISO 1000? What camera?

    Personally, I can't find a thing wrong with it... it looks perfectly exposed to me.
  3. EXIF is present and here is the main part:
    Nikon D80, Sigma 70-200/2.8 macro, 90 mm, ISO 1000, f/5, 1/200", +2/3 EV, A, Pattern metering.
  4. I was surprised also. Since then I've shot a lot of images at 1000 and I am not surprised anymore. They are usable, some of them even great.

    I guess you might be right about exposure. I took a second look at it and the nose doesn't seem so much blown out. Maybe it was just my other display?
  5. Wowzers!! That's a great image for 1000 ISO.
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    it looks good..... real good....espically for iso 1000 ...print that baby out and slap it on the desk ..... good work !
  7. Good looking boy and very nice image. Good job.
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    nice shot.