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Melissa, 1 bubbly and 1 sensuous pic

Discussion in 'People' started by Steve S, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    Please comment on these new shots of Melissa. I think I know some of you are going to say you don't like the crop on #2, but for some strange reason, I like it just the way it is, with the missing appendages. fyi, I only PS cropped a little off the top, and a teensy bit off the left side of the frame.
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    Model NIKON D2X
    Focal Length 70 mm
    Exposure Time 1/500 sec
    Aperture f/3.5
    ISO Equivalent 400
    Exposure Bias +2/3
    White Balance auto -1
    Metering Mode matrix
    Exposure Program aperture priority

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    Model NIKON D2X
    Focal Length 60 mm
    Exposure Time 1/250 sec
    Aperture f/8
    ISO Equivalent 250
    White Balance 5600k
    Metering Mode matrix (5)
    Exposure Program manual
  2. Nice shots. I actually like #2 more than #1. The eyes are a bit soft in #1, otherwise it's a good shot - also nothing that a little sharpening couldn't fix.
  3. Ottrott's Human

    Ottrott's Human

    May 21, 2006
    I like the lighting, poses, crops and basically everything about these shots.

    I'd think about healing out either completely or at least reducing the forehead lines in #1. I'd also do some close up work on her teeth to make the color more uniform. If you want to get crazy you also could eliminate the tan line.

    On #2.... am I seeing some healing tool marks on her forehead? Maybe it's a suntan thing, but either way that could use some work to get the look more uniform.

    Very minor and subjective stuff really. A matter of personal PP preference.

    Beautiful young lady......you did a great job with these.

    Thanks for sharing.
  4. I agree that #2 could use a bit of work on the forehead.
    #1 is nice in that it seems very relaxed and casual.

    She's very pretty and you do a very good job on capturing her and her eyes.
  5. I like the way the lighting matches the mood and the poses look natural and not forced. Good stuff!
  6. Love the crop on the second one and if forced to pick a favorite that would be it. Like you lighting on this image as well.
  7. BigPixel

    BigPixel Guest

    I think all the right appendages were left in the shot:redface: .....#2 is nice. #1 seems a bit thin to me.
  8. Nice work Steve. I would definately like #1 better if it werent a tad soft around the eyes as has been said already.

    The crop in #2 doesnt bother me any... but what do I know:confused: 
  9. I think the lighting, poses and crops are fine. However, I just don't feel "sensual" when I look at the second picture. She almost looks a little irritated, like she is being bothered by you taking the photo. Just my .02. I love the "bubbly" photo!
  10. I like #1 a lot.

    The crop on #2 doesn't bother me at all. However, her expression does. She looks a bit irritated, and the shot isn't flattering to her nose.
  11. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    Well Keith, you're right about the softness around her eyes. I did sharpen them a little, but apparently it didn't make up for the missed focus!

    Ya, those pesky forehead lines! I've told her a million times to stop raising her eyebrows, creating those blasted forehead lines! As for her forehead in #2, I probable could have owrked on it a little more than I did, and I could've hit it a bit harder with the airbrush too. And, yes, I should even out her teeth color too. Thanks!

    Thanks, llittle by little, she's getting easier to work with.

    Thanks Woody. I do think i need to better control the spill from the strip softbox. Need to flag them off and make the beam narrower. Really didn't want it hitting her nose the way it is.

    Thanks Gordon!

    Ha ha, ya, the appendages! As for #1 being "thin", do you mean it's pale and lacking contrast, or the lighting's flat?

    Thanks Roy, gotta better nail that focus!

    lol, maybe I should've used the word "serious" instead of "sensous"!
    Thanks, ya, that's from the spill from the strip softbox. It does make it look a bit more bulbous than it really is. Good eye. I didn't even notice that!
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