Memory card or camera fault ?

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by HAVOC, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. Has anybody had problems with the lexar 80x Pro CF card in their D70 ? The last 3 times I've transfered photos from camera to PC the photos start at number 2 on the PC,number 1 has been missing but it is displayed on the cameras screen so it's definetly been recorded to the card, any ideas ?
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    Use this combination on a regular basis, never had any issue at all.
  3. I have several of these and have seen no problems on the D50, D70 or D2X.

    I would suspect the software doing the transfer. What are you using?
  4. I use Nikons picture Project and up till 3 transfers ( downloading images ) ago no problem ? Seems to have just started happening for some reason.
    A friend told me to get Sandisk CF cards instead of Lexar but I've had no problem with the Lexar until now it's been great.
  5. I wonder if that software is storing some kind of preference that is causing it to miss that first file. Or if there is something on the CF card that is fooling it.

    I would try copying the images manually to a folder, just to prove that the files are there and can be copied.

    This does not sound like a CF card problem per se. That is, the brand, etc.
  6. I'm with Beezle, get a card reader and manually drag your images to a folder on your computer. Then format the card in the camera. I use Lexar cards only and never had a problem.

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