Merritt Island Shoot - Caracaras at the Shoe Store

Discussion in 'Merritt Island I' started by bobhoge, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Here are a couple of the Caracaras nesting in the parking lot at the Payless Shoe Store at the roundabout on the way to Viera Wetlands:

    On the roof of the store: both photos D70 70-300ED @300mm


    Bob & Nan
  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Hi Bob,

    Thought I ansered this one. Must have forgotten to hit the submit button.

    Good shots.

    Hope Harry finds where you saw them. Sure would like a shot at them.

    Not easy to photograph Caracaras.

  3. Hey Bob, glad to see you join in the Caracara fray. Here I have gone my whole life and never seen one and now come to find out they are ubiquitous. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Hi Gale,

    To help you find the Caracaras at the shoe store:

    On Wickham Road heading toward the Viera Wetlands there is a shopping center with a Wal-Mart in it on the North side of the road, just before the (last) traffic circle. On the Northeast "corner" of the circle there is a small strip of shops including a Subway Sub Shop on the west end and a Payless Shoe Store on the east end. There is a parking lot between these stores and Wickham Road. The Caracaras are nesting in one of the palm trees between the parking lot and Wickham Road. It is one of about three trees close together about halfway between the two stores.

    The first shot in the original post is on the roof of the Subway Shop.

    Here are a couple more photos to help:

    The palm trees in the parking lot. The nest is in a tree east of the crownless one.

    I fairly sure the nest is in the base of the crown of this tree. The mate was way down in and this one was bringing lunch:

    Ask if you need more details.
    What at great group and a neat trip. Thanks again for being a fine guide.
    Bob & Nan
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