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Mi Vi?

Discussion in 'Birds' started by HarryB, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. HarryB


    Jan 28, 2005
    Viera, Florida
    Hi Y'all,

    My apologies for recent absence from the forums but my schedule of late has been backbreaking.

    Anyhow I've just received my first "when will MI VI be held" PM. Looking at the calendar the optimal time would be 2/2/08-2/10-/08. This avoids conflicting with Valentine's Day and the Daytona 500.

    If there's enough interest to justify holding another shoot I will be willing to coordiante and host the Space Coast portion of the shoot unless some other fools wants to do it. Hopefully some of our members on Florida's West Coast would be willing to step-up and coordiante that portion of the shoot.

    Anyhow sound off and let me know if you think its worthwhile to do another MI Shoot and if you would be interested in attending.
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  2. Harry. I'd be happy to do what I can on the West coast. I had thought about just staying on this side and taking folks out for boat tours...as there seemed to be a pretty good interest last time. Let me know what I can do.

    I might also bring up a possible change of date/time. Many have voiced an interest to move the MI shoot back a month or two as to betteer take advantage of the bird influx and better weather. Let me just throw this idea out there. Surely don't want to step on anyone's toes or plans...but I think the birding is much better in the months following February. Just a thought and perhaps others will voice their thoughts on this. As you mentioned...there is no reason we can't do 2 shoots, one in February..and a 2nd a couple/three months later.

    Thanks again for coordinating this wonderful event. I always enjoy myself.
  3. I certainly plan to be there!


  4. I think the week Harry has mentioned sounds fine. The suggestion you made is great for people to take advantage of the breeding and nesting season, but by April and May most of the birds have gone to the rookeries and have left Viera and MI. The session would have to be based in St Augustine or Orlando, where Gatorland is.

  5. I surely don't want to rock the boat..but after the limited birds and good weather last time..many folks had mentioned perhaps a change in dates. I realize this is an annual event and a good one at that.. Just was tossing out the idea of moving the main shoot dates back a bit. Even a month would provide better bird shooting. Will Viera even be open ?? Any shuttle launches scheduled?

    If February is the date...that's fine. I live down here and have the luxury of shooting year around. Just thinking of our Northern Yanky shooters. :cool: 
  6. Hi Harry,

    Nan & I plan on attending again this year. The February dates are fine with us.

    Mike, your offer of boat tours may draw us to make a west coast stop also.

    Others may want to add a stop at Green Cay Wetlands and "Wacko" Wetlands farther south on the east coast in/near Delray Beach.

    Let us know if we can help,
    Bob & Nan
  7. Mike your suggestion is well taken, just that the venue would have to be changed. People would be based in St Augustine or Orlando, where the largest rookeries are. Also, people would have to plan to get a photo pass from each of the places, Alligator Farm and Gatorland. These are just two different types of events and people can decide. The nesting season is great, but I find a more variety of birds during the rest of the year.

  8. Bob.... Not singling anyone out ...but just a heads up that space and time is limited. I took 4 folks out last year and it was really too crowded..so will be limited to 3 shooters at a time and my dance card is already about full with all the reservations already made by folks that went out with me last year. I'll do what I can to accomadate folks...but don't see purchasing a larger boat anytime soon. Speaking of the boat... almost hate to go out on al imb like this and then have boat trouble..which is rather common around here. LOL.

    Those of you that said you will be heading back this way for a boat ride for MIVI...let me know again and we'll try and finalize a working schedule when we can.

    Just a note... the boat is a bit fickle towards Nikon gear. :biggrin:
  9. I will be in Florida in the last week of Feb. Looks like I am going to miss it again.

    Have fun, guys.
  10. If anyone would be interested James Shadle has great boat tours to some really target rich areas in tampa bay, http://www.inthefieldworkshops.com/. If so please let me know and I can be in touch with James and see his bookings.

  11. WOrks for me. I'm in the Venice area and would be happy to play tour guide for the Venice rookery and some of the otehr local hot spots. Will also try and take some folks out in the boat to some rookeries. weather/boat permitting. :biggrin::cool: 
  12. Maybe I need to start charging prices like that...instead of accepting a 6 pack of beer in return. :wink::wink::biggrin:
  13. Count me in on MI VI shoot whenever it is. However, I think I would prefer the early February dates as usual, just due to my schedule.

  14. HarryB


    Jan 28, 2005
    Viera, Florida
    The reason we opt for the February shoot because its part of the peak season for bird photography in Florida. The locals haven't gone off to the rookeries. The migratory birds are in the area from the north and the local eagles are nesting. Also the caracara young
    are just about ready to fledge.

    The rookery season which begins late March and runs into the first week of June is another story. At this point many of the local birds on the Space Coast have gone off to rookeries and the migratory birds have left town. The shooting is OK but definitely not close to the activity you usually get earlier in the year.

    Now it would be well worth holding a one or two day shoot around Gatorland in Orlando or the Alligator Farm in St Augustine. Both places are quite compact and you wouldn't need more than on or two days to exhaust the photo ops in either location. But whenever you go to the rookeries you are only catching one stage of the mating season. I usually try to make a trip weekly or every other week to capture the entirety of the experience.

    A shoot at either of the two rookeries would entail the particpants buying a photo pass in order to get in prior to 9 AM and to stay after 5 PM which is not cheap. Also the motels around Gatorland are fairly expensive also.
  15. Harry, please add me to the list again, this time I'll try harder to make it.

  16. Find out information. I will be in Tierre Verde near Ft Desoto during February.

  17. limited birds ?
    if that was limited i'd like to see plentiful
  18. i was counting on it Harry..so count me in whatever the dates are
  19. Looks like I will have to miss the east coast portion of the trip. My wife and I will be arriving at a condo on the west coast at that time and I don't think she (a non-photographer, non-birder) would like me to say "see ya" and leave for a few days.

    If the west coast part of the shot were held after the east coast (not before) I could participate in some of those activities. (Hint, hint)
  20. Dave


    Feb 7, 2007
    Suwanee, GA
    Well, I am going to try my hardest to actually make it this year. So count me in for now. I'll probably end up driving down and going to both the West Coast and the East Coast if I can swing it. This of course depends on my work schedule.
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