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Michiganders get together!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cajun angel, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Well, I know we had started a post about this a while back and I couldn't find it, so I'm doing this one! We're gonna be in Michigan in June and I think we had thought about having a get together around the 23rd of June. I think we were going to meet around Howell at SOmmer's house. We'll be staying in Potterville with mxmark's family. Well, June is coming up fast, so you Michiganders start talkin! We wanna know who all would be interested in coming and where we might find some good shooting.
  2. Well, I'm not a Michigander, but we will be visiting my sister and her husband quite possibly in June, so I will keep an eye out on this thread! :smile: We will be in the Grand Rapids area.
  3. I'm in, sounds like fun.
  4. hey, I ain't a Michigander either! LOL!

    Great! Now, just gotta wait for Sommer to check in with us and make sure everything is still a go!
  5. Sounds good to me. The Michigan Balloon Challenge is happening in Howell that weekend, with early morning launches, activities all day (both at the launch site and downtown), evening launches and a nighttime moon glow on Saturday. The Howell Nature Center has some neat exhibits, too...it's a wildlife rehabilitation center, though it has quite a few permanent residents. If anyone is into historic architecture, I may be able to arrange a tour of our county courthouse for that weekend...it's a gorgeous building and I didn't have my camera with me last time I toured, so I'd love an excuse to go back. Downtown is beautiful too, and if you're into historic homes, I know of some good walking tours. My house turns 100 years old this year, so everyone can come and wish it a happy birthday :biggrin:!

    Everyone's welcome to meet at my house for breakfast and/or lunch and/or dinner on the 23rd or use it as a resting place while taking in the downtown events (we're within easy walking distance.) Typically on that weekend we're coming and going all day long, every day, so the more the merrier :biggrin:! And families are welcome...bring your spouses and kids!

    I'm kind of swamped with work until April 17, but after that I can start planning some things if people are interested.

    Edited to add: Hey, this is my 1000th post!!!! I think I'm spending too much time here, LOL!
  6. I have it on my schedule. We can firm things up as we get closer. Thanks for offering your home to us Sommer.
  7. Anything besides a crappy work schedule, I will be there.
  8. Nchesher


    Jul 7, 2006
    You guys mind if I catch up with you sometime later in the day? I'm only 15 minutes from Potterville and 1/2 hour or so from Howell. Sounds cool. I have a session booked in the morning but if you guys are out in the afternoon I might try and catch up.
  9. Kerry Pierce

    Kerry Pierce

    Jan 7, 2006
    That really sounds like a fun deal. I'll try to keep that date open and an eye on this thread. :biggrin:
  10. Guys, we'll be sure ya'll have plenty of cell phone numbers so ya'll can find us! This could turn out to be a really nice day - no matter how many turn up, it's gonna be fun!
  11. Schlitz


    Apr 22, 2006
    San Antonio, TX
    Dave Talboys
    We're still leaning more to the side of "Yes, we'll be there!" than not right now. It'll be a crazy weekend - class reunion on Friday and Saturday nights, Cafe get together on Saturday, and a family reunion on Sunday. Whew! I'm tired already!

    I sure hope spring gets there soon - I was up in the Detroit area this week and had all the wind and cold and snow I ever wanted. Now I remenber why I moved to Texas... Of course come along about July, I'll be wishing I was back in Michigan!
  12. Well, we still have time you know!
  13. Michigan get-together souveneers?

    Well, I know we can count on t-shirts when we go to AL. I'm willing to do something for our get-together in MI if anyone is interested. I don't have the cafe logo stuff, but I may be able to get some freebees from Nikon - I know a rep and he'll be in town in May. ya'll give me some ideas if you want - let's try to keep it simple!
  14. Kerry Pierce

    Kerry Pierce

    Jan 7, 2006
    Dunno about the others, Dianne, but bringing some nice sunshine and blue sky with you, would be pretty good. :biggrin:

    Michigan weather can be rather uncooperative for photographers, at times, especially on weekends. :D izzy:

    Dunno if there are any special events scheduled for the Ford museum or Greenfield Village at that time. I'll have to check. Some of you folks might like seeing that, after the balloons go up.
  15. Schnauzermom


    Apr 13, 2007
    Just tie some sunshine to the back of the plane.... :) 
  16. Back of what plane? LOL! How about the back of our 25 ft travel trailer?! LOL! I'm sure the mighty Titan can handle that!

    I'll keep ya'll posted on what kind of freebees I can get from our Nikon Rep.
  17. Schnauzermom


    Apr 13, 2007
    Presumption my part. LOL!

    Get a reallllllllllllllllllllly long rope.... :) 
  18. Lisa! Just noticed you're in Lansing! That's where the hubby is from! His family now lives in Potterville but we always end up driving into Lansing for something or another. Hope you can make it to our get together!
  19. Look forward to seing everyone. It looks like we have a pretty good size group. Sommer may regret her kind offer.
  20. Schnauzermom


    Apr 13, 2007
    Potterville is right over there ----> :biggrin:
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