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Microdrive goes BOOM.

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by Joe_Lorenzini, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. I'm out at the track shooting the NASCAR qualifying runs, I run out of room on the 2GB Lexar and pull out my trusy 4GB Microdive card, plop it in and BOOM. Nothing, nada, bupkiss.

    So my day is done. How I didn't bring my Gmini is beyond me.

    I brought the Microdrive home and plugged into the CF card reader but it won't recognize it.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? Is there any way to recover the drive or am I done with Microdrives forever?

    I'm going to start looking for an Extreme III 4GB as my main card so if anyone knows any deals, give me a shout.

  2. Sorry to hear that Joe. When I ran out of memory a while ago I quickly scanned my existing images and deleted those that I felt did not pass muster. At least this will allow you to take a few more important shots.
  3. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Bummer, Joe. On the bright side though you didn't have any pics on the thing when it went out.
  4. Carol Steele

    Carol Steele Guest

    Have a look at Ridata cards - available from Power in Numbers in Australia for around $330.


    Click on the 'Go Shopping' link at the top of the page and then on the radio button for overseas sales.

    I've used these cards for around 4 years now without a problem.
  5. Hi Joe,

    I had a similar problem with the MD in the old Fuji but so far none in the D2X. What I did was keep clicking format several times and it started working but only do this if you have no pictures on it so you don't format them.

    I'm no crazy about these cards and I too am looking at investing the money in the Lexar or the Extreme. At least with the Lexar there is a recovery software that comes with it.

    I sure hope 2G was enough for what you needed it today.

    BTW, I love Nascar so much that I would love to see some of your work. I love NFL football too. Yes, I know I'm a girl but this girl got addicted to Nascar and Football in 1986.
  6. Thanks to all for the comments and suggestions, I will look into each.

    The card is so dead it doesn't show up as a drive anymore so there's no drive tools I can use to recover anything so as of now, it's a mini plant-stand.

    No more microdrives unless they figure out how to make them more durable. I must say though, this was one I dragged out of a Muvo for $200 and I really got my money's worth.

    Cat, I'll post pictures tomorrow night after the race. I shot the BUSCH race today but got there too late for pit shots. Still, I grabbed some crashes and spinouts so I'll post those as well.

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  8. Joe


    Thank you so much for the pictures. I really like them. I took some pictures at a Coca Cola 500 in Charlotte a few years ago but nothing like this of course, but it was so nice to just be able to take some pictures from the stands. I don't know if they are still lax at the races but when I went, they would let you take coolers with drinks and food and smoke (of which I quit in '01 but it sure was a lot of fun and would love to go again someday.

    Again thank you,
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  9. Hi Cat,

    When it's all over I'll post a series of images from the 4 day event.

    Also, they are very lax on what you can bring in. I shot the 200-400VR from my seat and the pits on Friday. Very cool, very fun!

  10. Hitachi

    Hi Joe,

    I bet its still in warranty. I had a 2gb Hitachi Microdrive go bang recently. I lived in the UK but bought it in Germany. I now live in New Zealand so there was no way to return it. I looked up Hitachi on the net and found the returns site. I put in my serial number and it was still under their warranty. Filled in a return and sent it to Singapore. A brand new one arrived about 3 weeks later.

    The link is below. Dont bother with the drive tests as they arent required for the Microdrive.

    Good Luck, hopefully you can get it exchanged :lol:


  11. Wow Stu, what a great link. Thanks a mil for posting this, I would never have had a clue.

    Mine does say that the warranty runs out in June so I'm set. I got an RMA number and back it goes.

    I owe ya lunch the next time I'm in New Zealand!

  12. No problem

    :lol: :D  :lol:

    Joe, glad it worked for you. I posted the link in the general forum aswell. Hope it doesnt take too long to get the replacement.

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