Midmorning snooze

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    D70 I thought this a peaceful scene. I was checking to see if the Snow Geese had arrived yet. They usually stop over here for a week or two on their way north and on the return journey south. I didn't realize this fisherman was having a snooze until I enlarged the picture.
  2. That is a peaceful scene Irene. Just wondered what is causing the "river" running through the lake. Interesting how the reflection made that streak through the water.
  3. Hi Gorden, the river at this stage is affected by the tides of the Bay de Chaleur the tides only just barely affect the river at this point. This area where the river flows down to the Bay is a salt marsh area except for the centre of the river where the boat is situated there the flow is a little stronger.
  4. this is a very peacefull settiing and I would likely take a little nap under the same circumstances. Neat image! in about 2 weeks that background will be ablaze in color. how bout posting another then too??