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Militant Consumer

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Taco, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. A local optometrist ran a large ad promoting his 31st. anniversary with a complete set of lens and frames for 31 bucks. Bifocals were 62 bucks and the ad said limits apply and no gimmicks. Picked out some frames I liked and proceeded to pay for them. The owner said that will be 262.00. I politely replied I don't think so and pulled out the ad. He said okay you can have it for that price but no warranty and there's a 15 dollar fitting fee.I countered with 62 dollars and no fitting fee since it's not mentioned in the ad. I had him pretty worked up at this point and once he realized I wouldn't back down I got some bifocals for the advertised price. The moral of this story is don't back down when you are right and always take the ad with you to support your version in black and white. This guy charged me just under 300 bucks for my last pair of glasses with anti glare and scratch proofing. Makes one wonder what kind of mark up these guys have with frames starting at 149.


    Ted :smile:
  2. taat2d


    Sep 28, 2007
    Good for you Ted!!!! I hate when these bums try to get over!!!
  3. Good for you! He must have been from Idaho (greedy bum)!
  4. taat2d


    Sep 28, 2007
    Nah probably a New Yorker, they're ALWAYS trying to get over... :eek: 
  5. okcandids


    Jan 12, 2008
    Southern NH
    Not limited to Idaho. Just yesterday the car dealership wanted to charge me $25 to change a fuse. I declined saying "I can just walk over to the Auto Parts USA store 50ft away and get a fuse myself" to which the guy responded "well, the part is just $1.60, it's the labor that's the rest". I let him know I could do the $23+ worth of labor myself in this case. :biggrin:

    That said, I should have thought to check the fuse initially and never mentioned the problem in the first place. As it were, I got stuck with an $18 "analysis" fee. At least I spent the $7 (or actually $9, I think) to hop over to the auto parts store and get a replacement set of fuses with tester/fuse-puller.
  6. taat2d


    Sep 28, 2007
    I was looking to lease a new truck for my wife a few months ago. I have a friend who's uncle own a dealership. I've been like one of the family since I'm 13.

    Needless to say when I went to the dealership to look for trucks I mentioned the fact that I was a close family friend. Upon hearing this I received the royal treatment.

    They were coming at me with food, coffee, soda,ANYTHING I wanted. So after picking out the truck I wanted it was time to sit down with the salesman and talk numbers.

    They had an add going in the paper at the time. $2000 due at signing, and the lease payments would be $159/month. I wasn't looking for ANY handouts, I ONLY wanted NOT to get screwed, and get a fair price.

    I told the salesman I was going to be trading in my minivan, and was planning on using that as the $2000 down. He went to do his thing, whatever that was, then he came back with the paprer work.

    When he came back to his desk he agreed on giving me $2000 for the trade in value on the minivan . Then he went on to tell me that when I pick the truck up I need a check in the amount of $2600!!! That was ONTOP of the $2000 for the minivan.

    I asked him where he came up with the amount, and told him I thought it was $2000 due at signing, which would be covered with the trade in. He told me the additional $2600 was going to cover ALL the taxes up front, MV fees, and new plates.

    This additional cost was not listed ANYWHERE in the original newspaper add. I laughed in his face and walked out with him hot on my heels. He wanted to know where I was going, telling me I was getting the "family" deal since I was a family friend. I continued walking and ignoring him.

    An hour later, and 2 dealerships later I walked out with a upgraded package on the truck and the ONLY money out of pocket was my minivan trade in. These clowns are all alike, and would sell their own mother trying to BS you and make a sale!!
  7. I don't mean that greed is limited to Idaho--far from it!!! It's just that Ted and I have "a thing" going--ever since he designed a snowball launcher aimed at Idaho we've been out to get him :biggrin:

    "...I wasn't looking for ANY handouts, I ONLY wanted NOT to get screwed..."

    Well put. It's so very simple, but yet. . . . .:Angry::mad: :Teeth:
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 3, 2008
  8. Hey guys! Thanks for your replies. I'm sure this type of customer treatment can fly in some large urban centres. I have to agree with Nick that there's no monopoly on greed. I think the optometrist was a local and not a typical Idaho border jumper. There was a slight resemblence to banjo boy from "Deliverance" but he was reasonably literate and had all his teeth. Had I known he was from Idaho I would have cut him some slack since you can't pick where you're born and the flashbacks to Idaho must be pure hell.:biggrin: Getting back on topic if I didn't bring the ad I don't think I would have gotten very far. I always take the ads and or product numbers to the big box stores where the staff are usually unaware of current promotions.


  9. LDB415


    Apr 26, 2008
    I sold cars for about a year. As bad as most sales people are, there are a small minority that are very good. Customers/buyers are every bit as bad as sales people. You can work up a good deal for them that no honest dealer can beat by more than $50 and they'll still try to knock you down hundreds of dollars. Car buyers suck big time in most cases. They expect the salesman to work for nothing but they don't do that at their job. They'd throw a hissy fit if someone wanted them to reciprocate for what they expect of the car salesman. They have families too and deserve to make a reasonable income too.
  10. taat2d


    Sep 28, 2007
    I agree with you there. Some customers can be WORSE than salesmen!! The way I do things is I go in get a price, then ask if they can do any better. We all KNOW that they CAN!! When I got my truck the ONLY demands I had on the salesman were, an alram ( that HE threw in without me asking), rain guards, (again a throw in by him), and I HAD to have a DVD player for the kids. There was NO HAGGLING by me whatsoever. I shopped around and was getting a fair price from him. We set a price, then after discussing it with my wife, we decided about getting the DVD player permanently installed. When I went back to speak to the dealer I asked him what's the best he could do. He spoke with his manager and got me the DVD installed, price of DVD player added into the 36 month lease cost me an extra $10 a month. There DONE!! I signed on the dotted line. I was a COMPLETE PLEASURE to deal with...... for once... :biggrin:
  11. I works both ways...a lot! My wife is involved in a bridge tournament which means she's got her head down playing for a straight week. I stopped by the tournament to have dinner with her for a break and she invited a mutual friend, who plays bridge, is our age and is single to dine with us (strike 1). We had a thoroughly mediocre meal at a franchised place called Clydes in Reston, VA (strike 2). So after having to share dinner, and a disappointing one to boot with a 3rd party this guy starts whining to the waitress, then the manager about what amounts to a double discount (his dinner was excellent). She explained how the menu clearly states such and such (she was correct) and he whines back.."yes, but I sure was left with the other impression." To my utter dismay she gave him the other few bucks off (strike 3). Thoroughly ruined my dinner. This guy is a GM-14 step 10, (approx $120,000 per year) single and has paid off his house for fifteen years.

    Talk about greed. You insinuate yourself into another party's dinner and then haggle for a lower price after dinner in front of the other party! No sense of embarrassment, and Washington is filled with tons of these "alpha types" who do this just for a feeling of control. I'm not talking about the situation in which someone is trying to get a fair break or a few persent off. I'm 66 but is gets my goat when other geezers who are comfortably off try to chisel for extra discounts.
  12. The main word in business is "fairness". I always try to get fairness involved, and when I manage to explain this to the person trying to get one over on me and they still won't budge, I then kick it up a notch. The threat of 'spreading the word' about a business with shady business practices usually makes them see fairness. If you're going to advertise something, then sell it at that price, instead of trying to stick it to the customer, otherwise, don't place the ad in the first place. Good for you, Taco Ted. Keep up the good work.
  13. Surprised I haven't seen any payback from Nick yet, maybe he organized an angry mob and is headed to Manitoba as we speak.:biggrin: LDB and Rich brought up some good points about the view from the other side of the counter. I have worked as a service writer and mechanic in the automotive trades and dealt with some very obnoxious customers. Fortunatly it's only 1 or2 % but those are the ones you remember. I strive to be nice to retail employees who are just doing their job and have nothing to do with pricing and store policy.

    Sandiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii When I'm right I'm right and I enjoy a good fight.:biggrin:

    Joe Glad you finally got some decent service and ended up with what you wanted.


  14. Ted, I did consider driving over, but there are states and provinces I'd have to cross to get there . . . and somethings best not done!!

    Seriously, Fairness is key!

    Consumers can be just a bad. I used to be in the wine business and the most common whine was "I can get this for xxx Francs over in France"

    Right! "So tell me how you manged to travel over there and back for free" was my counter!
    I'm now in the "knowledge business) (I teach) and it's obvious I am not in the intelligence or morality business! The greed and stupidity of some (very few!) of my "customers" makes everyone else look like saints!
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 3, 2008
  15. :biggrin:
  16. doobes


    Aug 15, 2006
    Reston, VA
    Hey Rich,

    My wife and I moved up to the Northern Virginia area almost exactly a year ago from the suburbs of New Orleans. This is one thing I've noticed about virtually everyone is:

    1) they have to be in front of you in line (complete absence of common courtesy both driving and in person)
    2) they have to one up you (as you experienced)
    3) and they have to whine about it.

    Funny you mention Clydes in Reston. My wife and I went there for the second time this evening. First time was quite good. Not so much this time. My son ordered the hamburger which is listed as 8 ounces, which I think in a large burger. I cook quite a bit and will seldom make a burger larger than 5 ounces.

    Well the burger shows up and it's about 3 inches in diameter and 1/2" thick. 8 ounces my ear. I specifically made a comment to the server about it and he got just a bit defensive about how they "hand form them". I had the "French Dip" which is now coming back to haunt me.

    Disappointing as we thought we found a decent restaurant. I guess I'm picky because we haven't found much in the way of restaurants to crow about.

    Take care.
  17. This is a legitmate charge. You are paying for the service writers time, the technicians time, the paper the work order is made out on, the dealership provided a building to do the work in, the technician went to school to learn how to diagnose and fix vehicles (that wasnt free either) has to buy his own tools (very expensive) YEs it does seem expensive to change a fuse but no one works for free. At a door rate (labour charge) of likely about $100.00/hr they are only billing for 15 minutes time. Pretty cheap . A GM dealer in town a month ago wanted to charge my mother 2.5 hours labour to replace the rear wiper motor (Said it had been physically damaged and so warranty would not cover it.) I looked at it got the parts from a GM Store and paid way less btw. Did it my self in about 15minutes. This is in my opinion a dealership trying to take advantage of a little ole' lady that doesnt know any better. Your case to me seem slegitimate to me. BTW I am a Journeyman Mechanic with my Interprovincial Certification. (licenced mechanic for anywhere in Canada)
  18. What a coincidence. I had the french dip last night. It was miserable. The beef had been cooked at some location other than Clydes and the "au jus" was not it's own juice; it was something out of a bottle; the constituent parts separated as the "beef broth" sat. I ordered iced tea and it was so weak I sent it back and asked for lemonade; I got crystal light! :eek:  The meal was so bad I went on the internet and found their national site and complained..I've never done that in my entire life. You weren't being picky, they were cutting their costs to the bone buying "prepared portions" from a third party provider which they warm up to serve...yech! I'm certain.

    By the way, try Kilroy's in King's Park and try their prime rib...delicious!

    (sorry Taco! :redface:) 
  19. Yesterday walked into "Lenscrafters" [an optometry chain store ], with prescription in hand, to just have my lenses replaced. Lenses, " Anti-scratch" and "Photochromic" treatment [changes in light] total $285.00. While I have the suspicion that the profit margin on this is probably out of proportion, I have no way to verify that. Luckily my insurance picks up $160.00 of that. And yes, I know all about cost structure etc. but the bottomline is that it's a nice chunk of money for two pieces of plastic!

    A big sign in front advertised 50% off lenses with coupon and in even smaller [difficult to read] letters it said only "valid when buying new frames".
  20. I heard along time ago that GOOD NEGOTIATION is when both sides walk away feeling like they've ben shafted. :smile:
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