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minor LLD indulgence- 28/3.5AI

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by AFS, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. Hi guys n gals!
    Today arrived my latest indulgence in Lens Lust Disorder.
    I figured with so much time gone by since my last new lens, and the D200 having AI metering, why not pick up a few MF lenses to mess around with.
    Since I already have a 50/1.4 AIS that came with my F3, I thought i'll go one wider, one longer. My longer one will be the 105/2.5... but after examining my budget and Bjorn's lens reviews...I settled on an inexpensive but good-performing lens. He rates it around a 3.5-4 for visible light, which is enough for me, but the key here is his rating of 5 for IR shooting, which is going to be my next task.
    Well when it arrived, after paying less than $50 shipped, I was more than pleased. I opened the box to find inside the small leather hardcase with original strap, a little worse for wear cosmetically due to age. A rubber band held the original instruction manual!
    So I opened the case and what did I find but a next to pristine 28/3.5 AI Nikkor. The focus is a bit stiff, in a good way; my 50 has relatively loose focus and the 105 I tried is in between :tongue:
    The glass is completely free of marks or scratches. The outer coatings are also perfect. Cosmetically it is a 10+ out of 10. All the numbers are as clear as a factory new lens, the filter threads looked untouched as well. Even the actual mount shows little or no signs of use.
    My only concern is that at the very very extreme (I believe outside of the optically useful parts too) edges of the front element in a few areas there seems to be perhaps a tiny bit of fungus growing, based purely on coating reflections. I reversed my 50/1.4 with the Br2a and some K rings fora closeup, will check it out later. I suppose it is possible to kill the fungus. It may have already destroyed that little bit of coating, but literally it seems to be outside of any parts usable for the image, at least on digital where it is to see the most use. And considering the price I paid, I think I got a steal :biggrin:
    Will post some samples, not likely to be very good, but still something, as soon as possible.
  2. patrickh


    May 4, 2005
    Thousand Oaks
    Enjoy that glass - LLD took me a while ago looking for those older non-auto nikkor lenses. Some of them are really wonderful. Lots of nooise right now about the 105/2.5, but there are plenty of others. Try a 300/4.5 for size.
  3. heh, I'd love to try a 300/4.5 but really for longer glass I'm looking at AF stuff. My MF skills are not up to par for the fast action I'm shooting :frown: even with a bigger VF. I'm still quite reliant on the rangefinder for confirmation...even a split image screen takes me longer than I'd need for shooting with say a 300mm.
    If the skills could handle it, i'd already own a 300mm 4.5 or even a 2.8 for shooting sports at school :smile: Unfortunately for me, I need the long glass to be AF, in fact AF-S for speed reasons.
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