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Mirror Up

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Catz, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. Does anyone here use Mirror Up or does the VR's do just as well a good job for camera shake as the Mirror Up does?

  2. i use mirrir lock up for macro as well as landscape shots. It is most useful in speeds of 1/15th of a second and slower. It is very easy to activate on your camera. I do not actually "count on" VR, I accept it as a gift but quite frankly most lenses used in these type shots do not have VR as a feature.
  3. JeffKohn


    Apr 21, 2005
    Houston, TX
    I've heard that shutter speeds in the range of 1/15 to 1/60 are most affected by mirror slap (which BTW VR will not help with). I always use M-UP mode when shooting static scenes with a tripod, there's no reason not to.
  4. good point Jeff
  5. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    Depending on the camera, lens, tripod, and tripod head, this quoted "danger" zone may not exist, or expand to something like 2 secs to 1/500 sec. So it's kind of difficult to make general recommendations here. Also of importance is whether you shoot single shots or use your camera as a visual machine gun (MLU could well be beneficial in the last case).

    For much of my close-up work, mirror lockup (MLU) is just counterproductive, or at high magnifications not efficient. So I use it only if I find it necessary, which is not very often.

    With static landscape work I'd say MLU might apply with long lenses and/or poor tripods, but you would in most cases be very hard pressed to tell the difference between shots with and without MLU, and without a really good tripod support MLU is a moot issue anyway since you never get critically sharp images. For non-static subjects MLU should not be used unless you have a good reason for it.
  6. Bjorn

    Can you expand a bit on the 'machine gun mode with MLU'? Is MLU used to lower the stress on the mirror?

  7. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    Cameras capable of a firing rate up to 8 frames/sec have been designed with this in mind.

    However, a basic issue when you fire a number of shots is the danger of building up standing waves within the camera/lens assembly. Eventually this could give rise to major, internal vibration "coming from nowhere". MLU helps to alleviate this build-up, at least for a while.

    This is not just theory, I've encountered the issue several times while doing multiple-exposure studies of breaking coastal waves. When I did up to 4000 exposures on a single frame with my F5, and did not pay attention to getting a sufficient interval between the exposures, I could after a while observe the camera literally beginning to "dance" on its own, obviously ruining my experiment. I found that I needed a gap of at least 2.5 seconds between each time the shutter was tripped in order to avoid standing waves. MLU by itself was not enough to mitigate the problem.
  8. Thanks to everyone who answered my question. Now another, if I shoot MLU would I put the sharpness to auto or none?
  9. that does not matter Melissa. Put the sharpness the way you have found it works best for you. MLU has no affect on that.
  10. Thanks for the info Dave.
  11. Depends on the VR lens, Roman.
  12. marc

    marc Guest

    the issue of mirror lock up, was discussed on a different forum.

    many believe, mlu will give you unqualified sharper images.

    this is due to the discussion, on d2x focus issues.

    mirror lock up helps for long exposures where even the slightest shake could blur you image. you really need to use a remote cord, push button once to raise mirror, then fire shutter.

    i can't understand any other reason to use it.

    when mirror is locked up, you have no viewfinder, so it really is good only where you are using a tripod, have your camera securely attached, look thru viewfinder compose, focus, then lock mirror and fire shutter.

    vr is for lower shutter speeds and primarily for handholding, weather vr on a tripod causes a problem, i have not seen that

    i own the 80-400vr, this is the 1st nikon vr lens and it is rumored to not perform well on tripod with vr on. maybe?

    nikon has refined vr for 24-120 and 70-200

    the new vr lens has vrII, this lens definitely, can leave vr on in normal mode.

    vr and mlu are not connected.

    mlu is very specific, in it's usefullness.

    i hope this helps
  13. Thanks to all of you for helping me understand more about MLU.
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