Misc Items from Train Museum

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  1. Some misc. pics from the train museum in Crewe, Virginia.

    Norfolk & Western caboose

    The cooking stove inside the caboose.

    Crossing signal

    Ancient typewriter used in the N&W Offices
  2. Wonderful PP. Great shots!
  3. Thank You Alex.
  4. Nice captures and HDR work....I'd love to have an old caboose for a cabin. There are several being used this way locally since the 70's. My cousin bought one cheap but spent a small fortune getting it moved and positioned...........


  5. Hi Wayne!

    Welcome to the Cafe!

    Yup..I cleaned her up a bit.. threw on a little gloss black in some places where it was worn and lubricated all the moving parts and it is ready to rock & roll!

    I liked the locking feature of the legs much better than the one I had. No screws to have to retighten ever few days. It is going to work out great.

    Thanks for the deal...

  6. Thanks


    I always wanted to have one sitting my my back yard as a computer haven. Haha

    I worked for N&W for 5 years in my younger days. I was on the section gang. It was the kind of job where you came home, ate.. had a beer or two with the fellas and was in the bed by 9 pm and dog tired. You went to work clean and came home looking like you had just crawled through a chimney.

    You didn't have to go to a gymn to work out. :smile: