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Miss Banja

Discussion in 'Other Animals' started by BostonRott, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Haven't shared any of the pups with you in a bit. :smile: Miss Banja (and her very most favorite Cuz) was my test model after having my sensor cleaned today for the first time. Lots of nasty goop, now gone. :smile:

    Hope you like the conversion, I was looking for something kinda strong and gritty.

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  2. hey! My dog has a fur saver collar AND a (bad) Cuz ball, too (actually, about 15 of them).

    Great shot! Your dog is beautiful.
    How many dogs do you own, if you don't mind me asking?:biggrin:
  3. Hi Rebecca

    This particular fursaver is very special to me, it was her mother's. I picked it up in Germany on our visit, and it's copper-colored which looks great with the Rottie markings. :smile:

    I have 4 dogs (Bort 12.5, Vikka 6, Banja 5, Xcel 4). :biggrin:
  4. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Awww, what a cute little lady. Where's the color version?
  5. aw, I bet it is very sentimental to you.

    I've never seen a copper-colored fur saver before.
    I had a customer (I sell dog leashes and other dog items) that was looking for a brass choke collar non-show type (which is VERY difficult to find), and I was lucky enough to locate a brass fur saver, but I've never seen a copper one before.
    How unique.:biggrin:

    Anyway, Banja is very beautiful.:Love:
  6. I'll try to get it up this afternoon. :smile: (It's down on the other computer)
  7. Holmes


    Oct 28, 2006
    Wyoming, USA
    She is such a fine looking dog. I think your conversion is a winner. Love the tonality.

    I must go find a Cuz ball for my pooch!
  8. Love it Gretchen! Really nice conversion.
  9. nice conversion Gretchen...Calumet did you well w/ the sensor cleaning?
  10. Here's info on Cuz's, from another post. :smile:

    Cuz's are made from that same kind of material as kongs (this one is that same deep red)..They started out as "good cuz's" and "bad cuz's," with this being a bad one (little devil horns and red). The good ones are white, no horns. They all have feet, though most dogs like to chew them off. Good cuz's squeek, bad ones honk. I found the bad ones to be more durable. We do have some footless ones (courtesy of Vikka).

    Here they are (my favorite dog supply place). Banja's is a size Lg.

    Thanks Anthony! I have really come to enjoy doing BW conversions. :biggrin:
  11. oooh! I love Clean run's odorless bully sticks.
    er...actually, I don't love them, Ella does.:biggrin:

    All of the bad cuz ones Ella has squeak, but we get the medium sized ones. That might make the difference.

    Have you tried "The Other Cuz"?
    I got a large one for Ella which actually honked (at one time, yes, it honked. It's honker has since passed away).

    I've been rather blessed in the fact that Ella doesn't chew the feet off. She babies her bad cuz balls. She "cleans" them and then rushes real fast to get them into her mouth to chomp them down repeatedly so they make that horrible, high pitched squeaking noise.

    Other staple toys in Ella's toy diet are toys from www.planetdog.com
    They make the BEST TOYS EVER for dogs. Ella has an Orbo, an Orbee ball, a pink "fetch" ball, a glow in the dark rubber light bulb, and the treat spot eggplant.
    They're a little pricey for a dog toy, but so worth it. I resorted to these when I would try to study last year and Ella kept chomping on her bad cuz ball, making it squeak to no irritating end.
    She manage to rip off most of the continents on her Orbee ball, but the ball itself is still in perfect shape.
    They bounce like no other dog toy I've ever found (and I'm pretty well versed on doy toys, I think-hahaha).

    er...sorry, Gretchen. Didn't mean to go off topic in your thread!
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