Missy has grown up

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  1. Hey all
    Here's my Li'l Missy that I got from the shelter in January. (Missy in January: https://www.nikoncafe.com/vforums/showthread.php?t=148822) She's grown up a lot and thinks she can run the house.
    She is known by various nicknames in the house: Al Kitty (Spin of of Al Quaeda because she can be a real terrorist at times) P.I.T.A. (Pain in the ***), Missy Bits (Her name plus a name of a cat that I had in high school when she's showing similar personality traits).
    This actually shows her sweet side....
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  2. Nice shot Kim...
    Know what you mean that cats want to rule the house at times... LOL...
    Love the black spot on her nose....
  3. she's a cuties.... no doubt
    nice shot
  4. Her stance and the look on her face make me laugh! I bet she's fun to watch and play with. She is cute! (the Al Kitty nickname makes me laugh, too)

  5. I can't say it any better! She's adorable!
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    Who, me? I love the "green-eye" matching her green bell!
  7. That she does try to rule the house...

    Thanks Greg!!
    She's a riot, at times she will even play fetch!