Monitor Calibration (Pantone Huey vs. Spyder2 express)

Jun 15, 2006
Cincinnati, Ohio
Spyder 2 here... huge difference... highly recommended. Adorama just ran a special on it recently as well, but I think that is over... might want to check...


Had the Colorvision Spyder and it was fine. Uing GretagMacBeth Eye One now. Personally I wouodn't economize on this piece of important equipment. The Spyder sells for around $150, the Gretag around $250.


I just purchased the GretagMacBeth Eye One. It worked for me.
I had just purchased a new 24" Samsung LCD monitor. It was a demo model on sale at CompUSA and I could not pass it up. I was so excited and hooked it up as soon as I got home....but then to my dismay all of my pictures looked different... really different. I messed around with the settings and software drivers for a couple of days and wound up making it worse. Then I went out and purchased the GretagMacBeth Eye One (which happened to cost more then the monitor I had just pruchased).
GretagMacBeth Eye One did fix it for me. I would recommend if you get a GretagMacBeth Eye One to run the "Advanced" test and do the ambient light test. Good luck
Feb 19, 2006
LA (Lower Arkansas)
I use the Spyder2Pro. It's made quite a difference in what I see and what I print - as in they're closer to the original shot. I had to explain the monitor calibration concept to potential customers who were browsing my website. After a couple reluctant orders were delivered, the orders came flowing in. I agree with Mike, don't economize. It's just too important for prints.

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