Monitor Calibration problems

Discussion in 'Printers, Monitors, and Color Management' started by Neige, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Almost three months ago I bought the Spyder2Express. I don't print at home and only wanted to be able to calibrate the monitor. I can't seem to get a monitor to look any better than when I am eyeballing it. Prints from Costco were first too dark, now too light.

    I changed monitors and tried to calibrate the new one, a Viewsonic Q20wb for more real estate. Now when I boot up I get the error message, from Colorvision:
    <<Sorry, no calibration data was found in the profile “sRGB Color Space Profile” for monitor “Viewsonic Q20wb.” Please select a different profile using “Profile Chooser.” (1168)>>

    There is no "Profile Chooser" in my Colorvision repertoire. There isn't a program, menu selection, or executable file. I have tried 3 times with Colorvision Customor support and a couple of times on their Yahoo Groups mail list to get some feedback. Mostly what I get is RTFM (Read the ___ Manual), and, by the way, why don't you buy the Pro edition. I've read all the material that came with the hardware and software and I cannot get it; and I can't seem to get across to Colorvision that I have an actual question. No one will respond to, or even acknowledge, the 'Profile Chooser' issue.

    On another note, the default setting on my monitor are unusably bright; yet the instructions say use default settings. If I change my brightness and contrast before I calibrate, does the calibration process adjust the profile to take that into account? If I change brightness after calibration, doesn't that negate calibration? Is hardware calibration, then, really different from eyeballing from a printed sheet you hold up to your monitor?

    My hunch is that this shouldn't be that difficult. Is there some extremely basic OS thing, or color thing, or hardware thing that I am just missing? If anyone has any suggestions about how to do it, or how to get out of my own way, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you.
  2. The "Profile Chooser" sounds like the Windows display properties panel where you select the color profile for your display. Right click on the desktop then left click properties, settings, advanced, color management.
  3. Thanks, Luke, that allowed me to set the default profile. Now I have to print again to see if they came out the same way or too bright.
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