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Monitor Time

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by gbenic, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. I am in need of a new monitor. I currently own a viewsonic A70. I was leaning towards a Samsung 19" CRT. I purchased a 17" Samsung LCD for my wife and it looks pretty good. LCDs sure have come a long way.

    My question is: should I buy a CRT or an LCD? Space is not a problem. Financially, it would end up being a 19" CRT or a 17" LCD. My concerns with the LCD is the viewing angle. If I change my position, the brightness/contrast changes. How do I know which is correct? How do I view it consistently? That is why I am leaning towards a CRT.

    Are there any opinions out there?

    BTW, I did a search, but nothing relevant turned up. Hopefully this is not a repeat question.

  2. Greg, LCD monitors have come a long long way. I hung onto my CRT monitor for as long as I could but then saw a buddy's (Bernie Heins) BenQ 23" monitor and loved it, so I bought one. Brightness doesn't change at different angles, is incredible for doing Photoshop, etc and very easy on the eyes. Once you get it calibrated, photos are phenomenal on it.

    With LCD monitors, best advice is you get what you pay for. The cheaper ones are very hard on the eyeballs. Hopefully one of our techie members can give you more info.
  3. Ken-L

    Ken-L Guest

    I think the LCD wins hands down. CRTs can't match the brightness of the screen.

    The angle of view, horizontal and vertical, is a factor for deciding which LCD to buy, compare that factor on the different models and brands. I have an NEC Multisynch LCD1860NX and the angle of view is terrific.
  4. Lisa


    May 3, 2005
    Hi everyone:

    I'm very glad this thread came up. I, too, have a Viewsonic that needs to be replaced. I find myself adjusting gamma all the time and the b/c on the monitor is maxed and I still have brightness problems. I have been hesitant to replace this monitor with an LCD because of conflicting reviews, etc. Looks like it may be time to take the plunge.

    Thank you all!
  5. jfrancis


    May 8, 2005
    Orlando, FL
    I have a Samsung 192N LCD monitor. You have to change the viewing angle by an uncomfortable amount to change the perceived brightness or contrast.
  6. i bought a viewsonic VP211B on the review of Birger and I got to tell you it is the finest
    lcd monitor I have ever viewed an image on.
  7. Well, it looks like the LCD monitor may be the ticket. One final question, though. Is the LCD BETTER than the CRT? Okay, two questions. I like to run high resolution to fit all my "stuff" on the screen and I am finding very few high-resolution (native resolution) LCD monitors out there. Should this be a concern or just stick to 1280 wide? Alright, maybe three final questions! In a given price range, should I go for a larger CRT or smaller LCD?

  8. general


    Apr 30, 2005
    Dell Possibility

    I just received an offer from Dell Direct for their DELL UltraSharp 2005FPW 20.1-inch for less than $500. You might want to check it out; it is capable of very high resolution.
  9. Ken-L

    Ken-L Guest

    The native resolution, as with angle of view, is another important consideration in choosing a LCD monitor.

    I would take the smaller LCD over the larger CRT, remember that the LCD gives more viewable area due to it's design, so they are not equal.
  10. I'm sorry, but I have yet another question. My video card has the digital out as well. Would an LCD with a digital in benefit me in any way?
  11. Simon


    Apr 30, 2005
    Sydney, Australia
    I went for something a bit different


    I got sick of the sheer size of CRT's and bit the bullet. I brought a 26" LCD TV and attched that to my PC - WOW !

    I so wish I did this years ago . . . but it was all too expensive then.

    see: http://www.benq-eu.com/products/LCDTV/index.cfm?product=439 for a review.

    Colours and brilliance are fantastic, photo editing about 90% capable of any CRT I have seen.

    It's a flat, wide-screen model and it's just a pleasure to the eyes after using cheap CRT's.
  12. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005

    I sell these. Incidently I have 2 of them on my editing machine. I love them, plus the money is right too.

    Forum member Greg also has a pair of these. I sell a lot of these monitors at my store. They have a great manufacturers warranty and you can rotate them into portrait mode.

    Very Cool!
  13. heiko


    May 15, 2005

    I was in your situation some 9 months ago and decided to go the an LCD, mainly for two reasons:

    1. Space
    2. Price versus quality

    The first one is obvious. The second reason not so much. CRT's are - at least in theory - superior to LCDs. A good CRT provides much higher resolution and larger tonal range. Unfortunately the stores here sell either some cheap CRTs, or some photo equipment stores hold the real expensive stuff. CRTs often show big differences, even the same make and model. Differences is brightness, distortion, lack of sharpness in corners, etc., to mention only a few. LCDs often have dead pixels, but two or three of those are usually not critical.

    A friend of mine has a professional Sony 22" CRT and this is really something. But I guess it costs around $1500-$2000, which is considerably more than I was willing to spend. Also, the size would require me to get a huge desk to hold it.

    I got the ViewSonic VP191B (Dave mentioned he got the larger VP211B) and I am very satisfied. Only the resolution could be higher.

    The ViewSonic and some other LCDs have a swivel stand and can be turned into portrait position, which I use most of the time. This allows me to put the menus on the bottom while still being able to see a relatively large image.

    I also tried to use dual monitors, hooking up my old 17" CRT. Unfortunately I wasn't able to set up my graphic card so it would both support CRT and LCD display in a reasonably good fashion (it did work, but refresh rates and resolution setup was somehow limited).

    I remember John's Samsung 192N LCD has received some favourable reviews as well.

    You wrote that a same sized LCD would give you a larger viewing area than a CRT. However, please consider that the LCD usually doesn't give you the same high resolution as a CRT can give. This means that although a 17" LCD gives you a larger image area, you get less pixels than on a 17" CRT.

    Regarding digital output on the graphic card (DVI interface), you should get a monitor with digital input. It can improve the picture quality, as the picture data doesn't need to be converted to analog and back again in the monitor.

    Most 19" LCDs have the same resolution as 17" LCDs, that is 1280x1024 pixels (so does my ViewSonic).

    If you want to enjoy movies or computer games on your monitor, a fast LCD is required. My ViewSonic VP191B is not fast (there are other ones from the same company that are fast). Just bear this in mind (it's OK for viewing a movie, but what do I have a TV for?).

    One last thing - I wouldn't try to compare monitors (both LCD or CRT) in the shop. They are usually set up wrong and you will probably choose the one which by chance may be set up correctly or match the PC setup (this is what I've seen here in Israel and in some European consumer electronics stores). But perhaps US shops work more professional.

  14. Hermie


    Jul 23, 2005
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