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Monmouth Univ Field Hockey

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by bvonarx, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. I shot this game at 1:30 and the light was intense which made shooting very tough for me. My yield was very disappointing and the action isn't that great either, but it was a very good learning experience. What would you FH guys suggest I try out next time?

    No. 1


    No. 2


    No. 3


    No. 4

    No. 5

    No. 6
  2. hey Brooks, first I'd give anything to not have the Hannibal Lecter masks...

    Action looks pretty good, where were you positioning yourself?

    No 3, while not sharp, looks like you positioned yourself in the right spot, i.e. to get her face as she follows through.
  3. kiwi


    Jan 1, 2008
    Auckland, NZ
    I think shooting with the sun coming in sideways is going to be tough, even then it's better that the sun's shining onto the near side face (I like #6) - so not sure what you can do apart from getting it coming either over your shoulder or even shoot straight into it.
  4. Brooks
    FH is one of the hardest (worst) sports to shoot there is no flow to the game. I have foudn on these sunny days that I have better resluts opening up and shooting into the sun to get away from the shadow/highlight problem.
    I shot some football on Sudnay and I was given the side of the field shooting into the sun and was able to get some decent results.
    With that siad these are a little soft but nice angles and good capture of the action so I wouldnt be too dissoapinted
  5. Thanx Chris, I positioned myself as if I was shooting soccer, just off the goal and just a ways up the side line. I still have a lot to learn about this game.

    I was making positioning choices based on action lanes and backgrounds then dealing with whatever the light gave me.

    I was pleasantly surprised that these teams played a game that had some flow, not that many whistles, and they were quick too! When I deconstruct these pictures I get a valuble lesson about shooting into the sun with a highly reflective turf field to boot.
  6. The only 'good' thing, w/ all these starts and stops you get a good chance to position yourself. Corners get called a lot, I usually stand about 4-5 ft off (to the outside) of the person on the baseline...and look either in front of them or to the near corner...they're usually not going to try and fire it across the crease.

    I also tend to favor the goalie's left, when I'm on the baseline as most of the players are right-handed, and the sticks too...and they can't hit the ball w/ the back of the stick. My daughter's left-handed, but plays/shoots FH right-handed 'cuz of this.
  7. brooks
    a nice series
    some good advice from mike about "shooting into the sun"
    i enjoyed these
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