Monolith at sunset in water

Sep 13, 2007
Northern VA suburb of Washington, DC
I had lots of fun making this image!

Mike 2021-04-24--0029-S.jpg
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Photo of the Setup
The black tray is filled with water. The white object behind the tray is a piece of frosted, translucent acrylic, which diffused the light emitted by the flash unit placed behind it. That flash unit (not displayed in this setup photo) was fitted with a gel. When that flash fired, it lit the acrylic, which in turn was reflected in the water. The flash unit in the bottom left area of the setup photo fired through the translucent vellum fitted with two sheets of the same gel to light the subject. The vellum diffused the light.

I had to heavily crop the image because the tray is too small to shoot the scene without cropping. The far end of the tray would have been displayed in an image that was not cropped. The solution to shooting the scene without cropping would be to use a tray that is large enough that its far end would not be included in the image.

The final image is a composite of two images. The subject in the second photo captured when the water was still replaced the subject in the first photo captured when the water displayed ripples. Doing so was necessary because the reflection of the subject in the rippled water was not in focus due to the small depth of field.

Mike 2021-04-24--0030-S.jpg
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Oct 4, 2017
Kuşadası / Turkey
Thanks, Binnur! You're absolutely right that it's very convenient during these COVID days to walk into my makeshift studio and while the time away safely making images.

Just in case you can't tell from the photo of the setup, the subject is a citrus zester photographed close-up using a macro lens.
I guessed it was a kind of grater. Thanks for the info.

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