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Monopod and Head question

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by goodquest, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. I have discovered that it’s very hard to hand hold a 400mm lens and decided to purchase a Manfrotto monopod (3230) that supports 26lbs. The Guys at B and H said the Manfrotto swivel tilt head (3229) that supports 6lbs would work because you are holding/supporting the monopod. Is this information correct?
  2. midi

    midi Guest

    Hi Will

    The manfrotto swivel tilt head will work, but personally I don't like to swing the lens down to the side for a portrait type shot. The Nikon 70-200 or longer lenses let you rotate the lens via a ring on the lens itself which is a better option. I don't know if your Tokina has the same idea.
    I have the manfrotto monopod and the 3229 head which I've used once and didn't like it.
    Depending on what I'm shooting I'll either attach the lens direct to the monopod or use a ball head that I secure at the approximate angle I require, and then lean the monopod to suit.
    I've been using the monopod with the ball head quite a bit recently for birding.
    One thing to remember is to make sure you have the sucker tightened down before you move off, otherwise the whole lot can slip if you're not careful.
    Yes, I'm speaking from experience :) 
  3. I have the Monfrotto 3232 and it works well. I've tried a ball head and don't like it; when you loosen it you have to be very careful or it will flop over unpredictably.

  4. Jeff Lee

    Jeff Lee

    May 16, 2006

    Does that mean you attach your camera directy to the monopod? I been finding that using something like a Bogen 488 ball is a nice match, but I've had the flop issue with my 300 when I'm not concerntrating - like to keep the ball loose enough that I can move it without moving the pod.

    Don't you find the fixed height a pita when using the camera attached to the pod?
  5. No. Put the 3232 on top of the monopod and the camera (or the lens if you're using a heavy one) on that.

  6. I like the Manfrotto 685B with a 3232 Tilt/Swivel head and a Wimberley C-10 clamp for A-S type plates.
  7. Thanks guys, someone has a Manfrotto 390RC2 junior 3-way pan/tilt head on the sales forum for the same cost as the 3229. I will give it a try.
  8. I've been using a RRS screw-knob clamp on a Manfrotto 679B monopod. No tilt mechanism in this setup, so you have to use lenses with tripod collars if you need portrait orientation. I've only been out with this rig 3 or 4 times, but so far have no complaints. Not the most versatile rig perhaps, but it's solid as an anvil.
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