Monopod with legs?

May 10, 2008
New Hampshire
Hi Folks,

Has anyone used one? I find that when I use a monopod I always do a lot of swaying when my Sigma 150 is mounted. How well do the legs work? I wouldn't use them to support the camera but just to help control my movement.

Thoughts? Thanks
Apr 18, 2009
For many of these monopods, the legs are not independently adjustable, so they have to be used on a flat surface. Another problem is that the legs open up so low that they don't prevent swaying or moving all that much.

I use a simple Gitzo monopod which doubles as walking stick when I'm hiking. A good stance with the monopod keeps it steady enough for pleasing shots.

If you haven't tried it before, I recommend going to a gun range or archery range from time to time. Shooting works wonders for developing a steady hand and a solid stance, and archery is a good workout as well.
Jul 5, 2005
Swanage, UK
I had a set of legs for my Manfrotto 680B and threw them away as they annoyed me so much - it was the noise more than anything.

Having said that - I just replaced my 680B with.... another 680B after I broke the first one, and I've just ordered another set of legs for it - go figure !

From my experience, the legs are good for lens changes and just standing the thing up for a rest. They aren't a sustitute for a tripod, though if you screw them in tight enough you could use them for a slower shutter speed, but definitely not long exposure.

Stance is all important - there are various techniques. I usually put the monopod foot just behind my right foot and then flex the pod against my right leg, but other people will have other ways of using them. You can't just stand it upright in front of you and expect it to be a rigid platform. You should be able to google monopod technique and find lots of useful information.

Likewise - you need to pick the right head. Some people swear by the tilt head, others use a ball head. Me - I've just taken the tilt head off and am trying out a Manfrotto 460MG three way head - its a little diffrent from the norm but very rigid and takes more load than the standard tilt head.

I too use it for a Sigma 150mm macro - great lens.
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