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  1. July and August are the monsoon months in New Mexico. Here is an IR capture of a beautiful downpour over the Santa Ana Mesa. I just wish it would come over to my house!

  2. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Oh man David! That is beautiful. I am reminded of the time I lived in Farmington. We get monsoon storms here too, in fact I've been in 3 over the last week. I love the feel of the rain, but not the dust or the humidity, which just doesn't belong in the desert. It has dropped 5-10 degrees since the storms started though. I'll have to get to the highlands now, cause your picture is so inspiring. Thanks!

    ps, didja hear the NWS recommended that they change the name from monsoon to summer thunderstorm season? How lame.
  3. The highlands await you and your camera! Having moved here from Austin, I don't miss the humidity. I marvel at how it can be pouring across the river, as in the above shot, and 25% humidity at my house.

    Hadn't heard about the NWS recommendation. That'll go over like a lead hot air balloon in New Mexico.
  4. Great image David. Beautiful!
  5. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Yeah, here too. I heard it on the radio, but couldn't find anything on their website about it. It's funny, nws is almost schizophrenic about the term monsoon. Us folks in the desert love it though. It sounds exciting and exotic. Otherwise it just means flooded streets, power outages and humid mornings.
  6. What a cool shot, David!!! I love extreme weather - that's a LOT of raining falling out of that little cloud.
  7. Absolutely gorgeous image David. This kicks butt.
  8. Thanks Phil!

    It's one of the beauties, and frustrations of the high desert. Pouring rain all around, but in small, limited areas. However, as I'm typing this, we are having it over our house today!!

    Thanks Gordon. I've got to get my IR D100 out more often.
  9. FishSauce


    Aug 10, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    What a great capture. I really like it.
  10. Oh wow, what a cool shot David. Love it!
  11. Hi David -

    That's a *great* shot! Very dynamic and powerful.

    Your pal,

  12. Thanks Ben.

    Thanks for your comment Dave!

    Hiya Eric! Much appreciated.
  13. That's a beauty, David. I envy you having vistas like that now that I'm stuck back in the humid, hazy East. I'd love to see that shot in color, but the IR is very dramatic.

    Well for once I agree with the NWS. Too many people take that "monsoon" term seriously. During the entire "monsoon" season in the desert SW you may get, what, 2 - 4 inches of rain? In the real monsoon (India) I think that much often falls in an hour or two.

    Sandi, I think it's just the contrast between the bright sunlight and the dark cloud shadow that gives the illusion of very heavy rain.
  14. The chemist

    The chemist

    Jul 22, 2005
    Whoa just look at that beast:biggrin: What a sight that must have been. Love the IR separation here too!
  15. BassGod

    BassGod Guest

    wow! ... that's good stuff man.
  16. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Actually the term monsoon referrs to the way the wind changes in mid-season. What we get in the desert SW is indeed a monsoon. There just isn't the moisture to support the rainfall they get in south Asia. We do get a heck of a lot of wind, dust and lightning though!
  17. Hi Jim. Thanks for the comments. I don't miss the humid summers of Austin, so I know what you are going through. Here's a color shot that didn't come out very well. I like the IR better as it portrays the true drama of the downpour.


    As Chris noted, the term actually refers to a season... the monsoon season... when the winds from the west help foster the downpours. While we get about 9 inches annually, much of that comes during the summer months. These downpours are spotty, often surrounded by blue skies, and can dump up to 2 inches in 30 minutes on the small area below them.

    Actually, this storm was producing a very heavy downpour.
  18. Yes, that is very evident in the color image!
  19. bunimoo


    Sep 6, 2006
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