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  1. I've been trying to figure out a good background color for a montage I am working on. I am sampling colors from the images I am using in the montage. I just can't decide what looks better. So I decided to post them here and get some thoughts. I am also open to different colors and/or suggestions.




    I would be open to any other suggestions as well. Like drop shadow changes, etc. Thanks for looking.
  2. Might be a bit kitschy but how about a denim or linen fabric background? I think the denim would look good due to the blues in the photos.
  3. Rich, you are doing the right thing by sampling colors in your image, but you need to make a decision about what "feeling" you want to give your collage.

    Do you want high contrast in the background or not?

    Here's a reference that may help.

    You might also want the lower right image to sit on top of the center image.

    aka beaucamera

    BTW this is a collage, not a montage.
  4. I've been doing these with a gradiant background with some pretty good results. I just select a color and then have gone to either white or black depending on my mood. I think a gradient to black on your top one would work nicely as would a gradient to white on the bottom.


  5. Virginia, that link is awesome! It really makes choosing complimentary colors very easy. I added it to my favorites. I will change the picture on the lower right and see what the client thinks about it. She is leaning towards the maroon at the moment and I am almost ready to go to print.
  6. Mitch, I did go the gradient route at first but the client asked for a solid color. Thanks for the input!
  7. iudoc97


    Nov 13, 2006
    Rich...I like them both and I guess the choice would depend on the frame chosen. My question, as I have been trying a few of these, is how do you alter which photo is on top of or covering a corner of another picture? Obviously as each layer is created it is "on top of" the one before...but what if you decide that you want a different picture to be "on top" and not behind? Is it as simple as clicking and dragging the layers in the layers palette to where you want them? I try to plan it out ahead of time so I don't have to do that but sometimes it just looks better arranged differently. Here is one I did for my aunt and uncle for their anniversary.[​IMG]
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  8. Exactly. You just drag the layer up or down the list of layers.
  9. iudoc97


    Nov 13, 2006
    Thanks Rich...Scott
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