Montreal - Basilica

Discussion in 'Landscapes, Architecture, and Cityscapes' started by Rich Gibson, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Finally after celaring away all the paperwork I'm starting to process some of our Canadian shots. This is one taken with the day's shoot with Yves and Frits.


  2. I've been looking for these, Rich!
    Great representation of the awesome colors in there!
    Keep 'em coming!
  3. Very nice picture, during your visit did you have access behing the altar to the part that have been rebuilt after the fire.
  4. Just one? lol beautiful photograph keep them coming please.
  5. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    That's the same thing I was thinking....Come on now Rich...that's just a teaser....let's see the rest of those great shots.
  6. bouloss

    bouloss Guest

    Nice picture !!
    I will also consider taking pictures at the Oratoire st-Joseph on mont-royal hill. Very nice view indoors and outdoors
  7. That is a beautiful capture and perfect for showing the skills of your new camera. send more!
  8. MikeG


    Apr 30, 2005
    SF Bay Area

    Excellent use of the fisheye
  9. That bring back memories, I went there quite a few times. Your picture of the new part of the church had to be completely restorate and rebuild after someone put the fire a few years back.


    Apr 30, 2005
    Mr. Gibson.....

    WOW WOW WOW. Love the fisheye, a very unique viewpoint!


  11. sfoxjohn


    May 1, 2005
    Marlton, NJ
    This is my choice for the most beautiful object of any kind in Montreal. I found it so overwhelming the first time I saw it, I actually had tears in my eyes. ... and that usually only happens when the Eagles lose!

  12. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Just beautiful...
  13. Excellent shots Phillipe. The colors in the cathederal are fantastic. Way to go.
  14. Absolutely beautiful what fantastic colors, cant wait to see more
  15. These are beautiful shots of an amazing building. Thanks for sharing them with us!
  16. Thank you all. I promise to have all the other shots done by this weekend. The D2X really makes it a joy.

  17. Hey Rich,

    I missed that post somehow, until now... What great colors you captured there! 8) :lol: And those fisheye shots were just fabulous: unusual for the subject, but very appropriate compositions! So, how did you get the correct WB in there, in what looks to be a difficult mixed lighting? Auto-WB on the D2X?? ;-)

    PS: Gordon, give Rich all the credit: I have never even set foot in this cathredal (even though I admit to have visited Montreal once, :oops:) ;-)
  18. The correct WB was advice from Yves. :wink: Actually he gave me the kelvin value to use.

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