Montreal on a lazy and quiet Sunday

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  1. A few minutes from my house is the Atwater Market - I have to cross the Lachine Canal on a pedestrian bridge to get there, they were giving kayaking lessons this morning...


    The we went downtown to pic up some writable CD's to write pictures on as I am starting to run out of space again...

    The line up for the register was too long so I decided to head back home - I'll try again tomorrow....

    Took a few snap shots on my way home...

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    Sometimes I love blown highlights - strictly for B&W conversions of course :)

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    Yup that was my picture of the day

    Now for something different, this guy thought I was a journalist - he was happy I was taking a picture of him, but then again I had my best disguise, cargo shorts, 4 days worth of unshaven facial hair, shades and a Tilley Hat - yup, I looked like a real photojournalist ;-)

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    Sass Jordan was in town giving a free concert :)

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    Very nice PJ stuff
  3. Great shots Dude! I love blonds :)

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    nice shots... SJ rocks!
  6. Great shots as always my friend! Keep 'em coming !!!