Montreal statue - 2 more pictures

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  1. Following my earlier post of our Montreal outing earlier this week (see: ), here are two more of a remarkable statue located downtown Montreal.

    It depicts the various states of Humanity. The front end depicts wellbeing, prosperity, youth, future, family etc. Then it degrades towards the back, which shows crime, lust, illness, starvation, poverty and finally death.

    Enjoy! (I did the best I could in very poor lighting)



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  2. Frits,

    For having met you one, I can freely say you are a man with class. You're proving it once again with a worthy picture with a story.

  3. Thank you for your very kind comments Nenad.
    Let's get together and shoot some one of these days (if we EVER get good weather :D ).
  4. Hi Frits!

    Sure! I wanted to join you guys with Rich but that was while I had my exam so I couldn't even offer my presence...
    Soon I'll be off to Europe but I'm sure we'll be able to find a day to shoot!

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