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  1. So someone suggested to me that I put unexposed, but developed film over the flash and use that. Apparently it blocks most visible light, but allows IR through. And I happened to have a hunk or two to try.

    I found that it throws iTTL off quite a bit - I have the flash at -3EV, but for some reason or other the results are better. More detail? And less coloring effect when I use a grey card to set the WB.

    This one is a 100% crop, no color processing at all. Nothing other than a little sharpening.

    For me, the most incredible thing is doing IR hand held. Even freezing motion! This one converted to b&w using NC.

    This one has a little of the coloring effect, but I think the tones are nicer than before.

    And amazingly, I am shooting this with very little visible light leaving the flash head.
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    I'm using a Wratten 87C gel filter for my SB-14 flash and it's hardly possible to notice any visible light output. Nevertheless, I'm getting f/22 at ISO 200 indoors with my D70, so have to cut back quite a bit on flash levels.

    The reason you get dark eyes probably is that IR is strongly absorbed by water.

    For outdoor shooting, with a similar 87C over the lens, I typically get exposures at f/16 1/160 sec or so in sunshine. Not very difficult to handhold under such circumstances. I generally prefer more muted lighting than bright sunshine, but even with an IR heater as a "light" source I got f/5.6, 1/30 sec. So the enhanced IR sensitivity of these cameras certainly gives you an unprecedented freedom to use IR photography almost anywhere.
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