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More family fun!!....and thoughts on gear!!!

Discussion in 'People' started by Terri French, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. After several months of minimal shooting because of back issues, I decided that I would make an effort to relearn my six year old O-MD E-M5 (m4/3). That little, lightweight, camera is not a problem for me to carry around and I have a few small lenses for it. (I'm still considering getting a successor to the aging Oly camera body, but I haven't made a decision yet. I'm waiting to see what mirrorless Nikon might offer, although I don't think it will be lightweight like m4/3.) Anyway, I have shot so little with the Oly, that I have had to relearn a lot of the features. It has been fun. I still love this little camera, so a replacement might not even need to be in the immediate future. These aren't works of art, but capture moments that are special to me. I think that my mentality was that if I couldn't shoot with full frame DSLR that the photos weren't worth taking. Then I looked back at some of my old m4/3 photos, saw how much I loved reliving the memories, and realized that my thinking was very flawed. A lot of these were taken with a $100 lens. But I love them, in spite of any imperfections.

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    My 7 year old granddaughter took this one of her mom.
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  2. These look great whatever the gear. Great faces and emotions, well done and you have a good eye for people
  3. These photos are all excellent, but they were made in good light. I decided the Nikon D5500, which is about the same size and weight, suits me better when I want to go light. It has the excellent 24MP sensor which performs on a par with my D7200, and is only about a stop from the D750.
  4. "But I love them, in spite of any imperfections."...., what imperfections? These are great!
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  5. Jarrell nailed it :) 

    Your style is so refreshing---close in, genuinely smiling subjects, perfectly exposed, shoot and repeat!

    You still have the touch regardless of the equipment!
  6. Great photos of your wonderful family. Love the fun and smiling faces.
  7. Great family shots, whichever camera or lens used (y) !

    Longtime no see, hey :)  !

    Take care.....

  8. Good for you, Terri, you have "seen the light"!(y)
  9. Thank you, Randy! Luckily the grandkids are used to me pointing a camera at them!
    Thank you, Mike!
    Thanks, Jim! Im interested to know what lenses you like to use to keep your kit with the D5500 light.
  10. See the PM I just sent you.
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  11. You are so kind! Thank you!

    Thank you, Nick! My shots usually require some editing in post processing, but I love doing that!
    Thanks, Mitchell! The family is getting pretty big! 16 grandchildren now!
  12. It’s fun to come back here!
    what m4/3 gear do you use?
  13. Wonderful photos. Given this group, I don’t see any reason to upgrade that camera.
  14. I use an Oly EM1 MKII, and recently picked up a Pen F for my wife, as she was no longer shooting with her D700/24-120 f4 combo.

    FWIW, my comment "seeing the light" was not intended as a plug for Olympus, but rather your realization that you do not necessarily have to get another camera to capture moments that you cherish.

    We are fortunate to be in an era of so many photography related choices!
  15. Beautiful memories!
  16. In choosing between the lighter weight and more comfortable camera vs no camera / pictures at all, you made the right choice. Lovely pictures.
  17. How do you like the E-M1 MKII? I’m considering it. If you previously used an E-M5, how much of an upgrade is it? There is no place near here where I can try one out.

    The best kind of memories. The grandkids are growing up way too fast!

    I agree. I’m happy to be shooting again!
  18. I enjoy using the MKII for family gatherings and travel, albeit, I don’t shoot as much as I used to for whatever reason(s):rolleyes: . It has more features than I will likely ever use. Not having used the EM5, I’m not of any help there to compare the two bodies with 1st hand experience.

    I will say, however, that I seriously considered the Pen F in addition to the EM1 MKII. The Pen F is a great casual/street shooter using up to an Oly 12-40 f2.8 Pro, IMO. At the end of the day, though, the MKII’s overall features and balance with respect to the larger Oly lenses, 12-100 and up, won me over.

    If your current EM5 meets your needs, and the voice inside your head is only whispering “a new camera would be nice”, I would sit tight. The MKII will continue to be attractively priced over time, and the EM5 MKIII will likely not be announced until early next year.

    If the whisper turns into “I MUST HAVE IT NOW!”, I would either go with EM1 MKII or possibly a Pen F if you do not use longer lenses.
  19. Funny....you are very familiar with head whispering!! Great advice!!
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