More from the Marsh

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  1. I now wonder if my monitor is properly calibrated, because these images look darker on my lcd screen here at my office. I also need to work on compostition,
  2. Lowolf


    Jan 26, 2006
    superb images
  3. pretty cool. I agree in the cropping of the 2nd. Also a bit dark on my screen to. But neat ideas and presentation.
    Be sure to straighten the horizon whenever you can.
  4. Yeah - straighten the horizon and these are kind of cool.
  5. BigPixel

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    Not too dark here on a LaCie LCD. I like the grass in #2, it sets up a nice relationship in horizontal bands. If anything, crop the TOP heavily to accentuate that. I think the horizon lines are fine. Fuzzy tree lines do not need to be level unless you want it that way.