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More Fun with PWL

Discussion in 'Retouching and Post Processing' started by MGlennn, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. Still playing with Rays PWL techniques to see what I can learn...:smile:

    "original" composite shot of tractors harvesting rice at sunset..

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    "enhanced" shot using PWL....what do you think..?? :confused: 

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  2. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Ray's PWL technique??? :confused:  I like it...it's neat but who's Ray and what is PWL technique?
  3. Very nice touch, Mike. I like the subtle drama of your picture. Any advise for dummies like me who are still trying to get the hang of painting with light?:confused: 

    aka beaucamera

    P.S. Composition wise I'd like this more if the subject were placed a little more off center.
  4. Ray is Ray Guselli (Cafe member)...he has several threads in the retouch forum....he's been doing some unique stuff with PWL (painting with light) a Photoshop technique demonstrated in the past by Russell Brown and Chip Springer to name at least a couple that I know of......sort of a way to "enhance" an originally "bland" photo.....thanks for looking
  5. It just takes a little playing around with.....I haven't even begun to approach some of the stuff Ray is up to but it is fun to try it and I like the artsy look.....

    try going to select>color range and selecting shadows.....then edit>fill...choose 50% gray and color dodge at 100%......do this x2 to get the full effect......then in the history pallet take a "snapshot" of the new look.....set this snapshot as the target for the history brush.....then start painting with the history brush on the original pic at about 10-20% opacity and see what happens......
  6. RayGuselli


    Oct 18, 2005
    Hi Mike

    Many thanks for your very kind comments.

    I have been using Photoshop since about december 2004 and am trying to get into it through these forums....great source of help and inspiration.

    PWL is Chip Springers invention I suppose (or as far as I know) he is a true master. Also Wilkev, (Bill Voight) from retouching forum in dpreview is astounding - he has an incredible knowledge and some of the work he does is truly astounding. Both Bill abd Chip (as well as so many others) share their skills and ideas and which is brilliant.

    I think you have done a great job on the shot in this post - I think it is very difficult to really use PWL effect on this image as the idea (I think) is to be able to manipulate the light; there is little here for you to work with. So what you have done is really great. I had a little play and unless you want to go down the route of changing backgrounds, sun, foreground.....literally a recomposition then I think you have done what is possible with the image using PWL.

    I think you have set yourself a difficult task with this one.

    Why not work together on a shot Mike?

    I will havea look on whe web for something we could really have fun with and then perhaps each work at it and exchange ideas......as you will see I am asking for some help below.

    If you fancy having a go I will post something - just let me know.

    Now it's my turn please.................

    reading your post you refer to making a snapshot as a target and using the history brush.....excuse my ignorance but have not done this before.

    What does it do, how does it work and how do you do it ........PLEASE!!!

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes

  7. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Thanks for clarifying who Ray is and explaining painting with light. I will take a look at some archived threads addressing the subject to try to catch up...beautiful technique!
  8. Hi Ray.....
    :smile: please post something...I think it would be great fun to work on something together (though I suspect I won't be able to keep up with you).

    The link I sent you the other day has to do with the history brush....it is to a Russell Brown tutorial on PWL.....:wink:
  9. RayGuselli


    Oct 18, 2005
    For Mike

    Hi Mike

    Not sure what has happoened here but I posted (or so I thought) an image last night but which is not here today???

    I think I may have hit a return key on my pc before actualy posting:mad: 

    Sorry about that.

    Mike, I have seen your gallery and you certainly don't need to keep up with me as you commented - you have some fabulous stuff I wish was mine. Some really great shots, in fact we could have used some of those to play with if I had seen them before.

    Anyway, because the original image did not post last night I have already done my version which I will post as well.

    I have had two goes.

    One based on the original and more of a summer feel to the processing.

    The other iI wanted to convey more of an autumn feel.

    Hope you like and have fun.

    All the best



    look forward to seeing your work Mike.






  10. Allright....!!!....both gorgeous :tongue:

    I am laboring away in front of my computer now trying to come up with something :wink:
  11. Ray,

    Love what you do with your manipulations - when I play with Chip's PWL, I tend to stay close to the original view my eyes saw at the time the photo was taken and apply the dodging/burning accordingly which of course is a purely personal choice. A final version of a shot I took at my former Virginia home is here
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    and unfortunately, I don't have the original to compare but trust me when I say the yellow leaves were washed out prior to using PWLII. And for those not familiar with dark room "lingo" dodging is simply holding back the light to an area and burning is applying more light to an area. Chip's PWLII simply makes it easier/quicker to do in the workflow.
  12. OK ...:wink: here it is...:Shocked:


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    My attempt

    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

    Hope you enjoy....:cool: 

  13. Nice one Diane..!! :smile:
  14. You guys are having way too much fun. I'm enjoying your play and your retouch mastery. In general I tend to agree with Diane and like a more natural feel. Thank you Mike and Ray for letting us see so many possiblities.:smile:

    aka beaucamera
  15. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Ray I love the OTT. They are gorgeous.

    You have to be able to visualize it to do it.
    Just havent got my visualization up there yet :>)))
  16. RayGuselli


    Oct 18, 2005
    Hi Dianne and Mike


    Really love what you have both done.

    Diame I cannot imagine that picture in any other way than you have created it.

    The image is simply stunning and wonderful work with PWL.

    Mike, your work is briliant. Whilst I like th touch of the people, it is the processing I really like.

    I think it is more natural than mine as I do tend/like to overprocess, not to everyone's taste.

    I like the colours and the fact that you have retained a very natural appearance whilst totally lifting the shot.

    Just great work.

    We will have to do some more together.

    Your turn to pick one this time!!!

    Best wishes

  17. OK....I'll post one as soon as I get to the office in the AM...should be about noon your time....
  18. Today's image

    OK ....this one is a little different....the Disney Cruise Ship "Magic" docked at St Thomas.....original file sized for web....Ray & I will have a go at it and anyone else is invited as well...........:biggrin:

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  19. RayGuselli


    Oct 18, 2005
    Sunset, lights on, ready to sail

    Hi Mike

    My go

    Hope you like

    All the best


  20. Toooooooooo CoooooooL Ray....!!!:biggrin: :biggrin:

    I was thinking about doing a sunset and you beat me to it...:mad:  :mad:  :wink:
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