More Miami Beach Art-Deco architecture

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  1. Continuing with my long series of Miami Beach Architecture.

    The Marseilles on Collins Ave.

    The Delano on Collins Ave.

    The National on Collins Ave.


    Delano, National on Collins Ave.

    The Royal Palm on Collins Ave.

    The Lowe on Collins Ave.

    The Versailles on Collins Ave.

    All of them were shot at 18mm except the Royal Palm at 35mm and the Delano with National at 62mm. All shot with Nikkor 18-70mm and a Circular Polarizer. Only the Marseilles has perspective correction applied. I tried with the others but did not look natural.
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  2. Beautiful as always. Still waiting for some pictures of the Clevelander where my wife and I spent a nice weekend in South Beach! :smile::biggrin::wink:
  3. Anthony,

    Unfortunately it is under renovation:

    This one is from today:
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  4. Very nice! I like your treatment of the buildings.
  5. :frown::frown:

    Thanks Alex. I look forward to the photo when the Clevelander is back in business!


    Apr 30, 2005
    All you images of Miami bring back memories. My grandparants use to spend their winters in Hollywood and we would visit them every year.

    Keep posting Alex !


  7. Interesting architecture! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    lol Alex....
    My Mother worked at the Versailles.....Back in the 50's

    Really nice shots and some memories as well
  9. another nice series Alex, love the sky.
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