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Discussion in 'Birds' started by NikonConvert, Aug 24, 2005.

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    Jul 13, 2005
    I uploaded some Squirrel pics a week or so ago but have since got some more. I went out with food at the ready so they would behave, I feed them almonds because most other food I tried they run away and bury it =).

    As I started feeding one squirrel another one came out and looked hungry so I threw some food his/her way too, unfortunately this started a squirrel fight. They proceeded to squeek at each other and chase each other around in circles. I probably should have tried to capture that but they were moving so fast and I was having trouble with slow shutter speed as it was. The other problem was that squirrel squeeking was incredibly comical and I was in fits of laughter, not exactly the battle cry of a cat or dog which are usually quite scary.

    Anyway I did manage to get some close up shots. I only had my 80-200mm on me which presented me with a problem. I managed to get the squirrel to eat from my hand but the 80-200mm just doesn't focus down that low so next time I'm going with the 17-55mm =(

    Anyway I hope you enjoy the set and if anyone has any tips for shooting these lovely little creatures or food they like to eat I'd be greatful for the info =).

    Appologese for this one being out of focus but thought it looked funny

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