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More on IR

Discussion in 'Night, InfraRed, and UltraViolet Photography' started by Elf_8, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. I just took a moment on my lunch hour and went to the park close by to test :
    1- The workflow that Benoit G. has set up and for which we have numerous and excellent examples of his own.
    2- The workflow I had concocted last spring when there was very little foliage. The principle is to make two shots of the same scenery. One in IR, converted into B&W, and the other in colour. The B&W IR version is pasted in the colour version as its Lightness channel, once converted into LAB mode.

    Anyway, here are :

    1- Trying to approach Benoit G.'s mastery :
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    2- The blended version B&W IR pasted as le Lightness channel of the colour version :
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  2. I might have to see more examples (or experiments of my own), but what I see in that method does not appear as clean (or sharp), and it approaches more of an ordinary daylight photo. Except for the sky, which doesn't look quite real, but not like IR either. I think playing with color levels can give way to some real secrets, but I'm not sure this is one of them. That 2nd version just makes me want to see it in color, as my eyes try to intuitively "fix" whatever seems wrong or missing from it.
  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl

    They are very beautiful

    I am so fascinated by IR photography.

    Just love the effect.
  4. Sure Christian, I'm eager to see some of your expriments you have exposed in the thread started by Benoit G.. Overlaying two shots will have the drawback of a not so sharp a picture though, as the interval between the two shots (change the filter, make a new WB) will allow clouds to move, and eventually move the camera, even by a very little amount.

    In this one, the colour version and the colour IR were set on their own layer, and I erased the IR one on what was at the ground level.
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  5. I am very new at IR, and equally fascinated by it. I only meant to comment on what I personally liked or did not like about the two shots posted. I liked the first one much more than the 2nd with the Luminosity composite. I don't know why it seemed to really annoy my eye. This last one you posted is very nice to me. I am still doing many experiments and probably annoying a lot of people with too many questions. But I'm also eager to have my shots critiqued. I'm looking for a new hosting site now and will post a few examples as soon as I can. Keep shooting and keep experimenting, we're all learning from each other!
  6. I'm all new also to IR, especially in colour. Up until recently, mostly until Benoit's posts, I was only converting to B&W. And to tell the truth, my own preference is still with B&W - it has a better dreamlike effect while the colour version is more, ah, like psychotropic. At least for me. Anyway, I'm colourblind - quite a bit for that matter, so pondering with the red channel is way to much for me to control.
    I really appreciate your comments, and long to learn from you future posts.
  7. Christian, that is really cool. I like the first shot the best but your blended version is really neat as well.
  8. I have seen the "psychotropic" type of IR images you mentioned, and I don't usually like them as much as b/w either. Although I do think certain scenes lend themselves to that effect better than others. On the other hand, I really do like some of the color and composite images I've seen. I'm still trying to find a way of compositing visible with IR in a way that is as dreamy and elegant and the best b/w IR I've seen. I believe I simply have not found it just yet. But I do like color, and altering the color channels has led me to some great effects though, with variations on swapping the red and blue channels. It's all experimentation and I have yet to find anything that works for me most of the time.

    You know whats funnY? Typically I don't care much for b/w imaging, but I do so love good b/w IR. Kinda odd.
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