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More practice with the cream machine

Discussion in 'People' started by dzibead, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. I practiced candid portraits today with my 85mm 1.4D. My subject is my neighbour's granddaughter. I finally feel that I'm getting a bit better with this amazing lens. Unfortunately we were in a very sunny yard at midday so shadows were unavoidable. Her hat in the 1st one is blown as well. Any and all C&C most appreciated.

    ISO 200 f2.8 800
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    ISO 200 f5.0 1600
    View attachment 246474

    The background in this one is less than desirable -very busy and distracting to me.
    ISO 200 f3.5 1600
    View attachment 246475

    ISO 200 f8.0 640
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    ISO 200 f 2.5 1600
    View attachment 246477
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  2. Maybe a photo or two would help with our critique process... :wink:
  3. "Cream machine". let's see some great shot with 1/4inch DOF. I've seen alot of shots that were ruined because "cream machine" folks just had to shoot at f1.4. Maybe I''m crazy but I like the nose and eyes to be "in focus" in a portrait.

  4. LOL. I hit enter by mistake. Photos are there now.
  5. Well, no offense, but just because you call a photo like that "ruined" doesn't mean it's ruined for the person who took it. Maybe that's the look they were shooting for. Many folks have paid good money to have shots of their kids done with this lens, WITH their nose a bit blurry. Also, if you look, you'll see none of the shots above are any wider than f/2.8

  6. I agree! My clients spend more money on the portraits that I shoot wide open for the creamy/dreamy effect. As long as the eyes are sharp, all else doesn't matter. It's an effect that a p&s camera won't give them, so it sells.

    These photos are great candids, especially the last one.
  7. these are so cute, patti
    #3 is my favorite

    i really enjoyed them
  8. Thanks Sonya. There's quite a learning curve with this lens for a rookie like me.
  9. Yes, there is a learning curve for faster primes, but you'll get it with time and patience. Keep shooting and posting, I look forward to seeing your progression!
  10. Wan not speaking of anyone's photo's in particular. But I have seen many on this site that would have been much more effective with the lens stopped down. Selective DOF is a great tool, and most of us (me) forget that many times
  11. Thanks Greg. I'd really appreciate some specific critique to improve.
  12. ok...
    the idea behind picture #1 is great
    as you said, however.... the overhead bright light made it nearly impossible
    i would rather have seen you expose for the sun... and use fill flash OFF the camera to light her face

    there wasn't time for that, perhaps
    but..... it would have greatly improved THAT particular image

    #2 isn't interesting.... no reason to critique it

    #3... i love this one
    but.... it needs some post processing
    sharpening... especially selectively, around her eyes

    #4... another nice shot that would benefit greatly from fill flash... those deep shadows around the eyes can be improved, SOMEWHAT, in post, i suppose

    the last one... nice shot
    a bit of sharpening will help
  13. let me give you an example....
    this one is my favorite:

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    i did a bit of work and came up with this:
    i hope that by asking for a more specific critique that you don't mind me posting THIS:

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  14. just subtle changes above
    a bit of levels....
    then.... put the lasso around each eye
    did 50% shadows and highlights... then sharpening with USM at 100/1/1

    nothing more
  15. Wow! I don't mind in the least Greg. At this point I know how to play with curves a bit in LR so lassoing eyes and selective sharpening are skills I have to acquire. What a difference it made. The eyes just sparkle!
    I'm always interested in what interests different people. I really like #2 but that's just me.
    Time to break down and read up on PS Elements (the only other photo editing available to me).
    THanks so much for taking the time with this. C&C is always appreciated. I've got so much to learn.

    P.S. What's USM? Told you I'm a rookie.
  16. How's this?

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  17. I took a shot at lightening shadows in Elements on this one. I find it hard to decide when enough is enough. This one seems a bit too bright to me. Opinions?

    ISO 200 f8.0 640
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    View attachment 246482
  18. ShadowForce


    Mar 26, 2006
    Dayton, OH

    Nice photos. Thanks for posting.

    I'm curious but on Number 1 if Patti had adjusted the exposure compensation would that have lessened the blown highlights versus using fill flash as Greg suggested?
  19. UnSharp Mask
    it's on photoshop... perhaps, no on elements (which i used to use)

    post-processing software isn't inexpensive
    but.... as we always say around here
    taking the picture is only half of what is needed to get your final image
    so.... "investing" in some fairly sophisticated pp software is almost a necessity
  20. you did well....
    i did a few things to this one:
    - levels... middle slider to the left
    - shadows and highlights at 25%
    - USM at 80/0.8/4
    - lasso each eye individually and then shadows and highlights at 25% and USM at 10/1/1

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