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More Practice!

Discussion in 'Birds' started by cajun angel, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Well, today it was my 300mm afs f4, my 1.4 TC, sb800, and better beamer. I shot these between rain showers, so the lighting wasn't the best! I'm still having some issues about getting the shutter speed up and dunno if these are "better" or not. Anyway, the birdies were kinda far off and had to do some cropping, but at least I'm trying to learn how the BB works! I think I'm gonna like this thing! I missed a great shot of a red belly by about 3 secs!

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    Grackle Love Song
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  2. Way to go Dianne Heck Two Tail Shots and not bad ones at that. LOL

    Send some of that rain this way, We need it.

    Just Kidding Nice Shots

  3. LOL, Gary the darned birds wouldn't turn around! Thanks for the chuckle!
  4. Looking good, Dianne! That second bird looks like he was squawking up a storm! LOL!
  5. Thanks Connie! Actually he was! But it was sort of a pleasant sound! I guess he was trying to attract a girlfriend. Though short, it was fun getting out a bit!
  6. Not bad at all Dianne. Keep working with the flash and BB.
    What ISO setting were these at?
  7. Way to go Dianne. I'm with Dave is asking what setting were you using? On the flash were you using it in the ittl BF mode with compensation dialed in?

  8. Thanks Dave! ISO was 200. The D50 doesn't go any lower than that!
  9. Thanks, but whaaaaa? I'm still reading the manual between looking up for birds! I"m not sure what it was set on LOL! Tomorrow is another day! More setting experimentation, and whatever else I can figure out. One thing for sure, that better beamer is a nifty piece of gear to have!
  10. Hi Dianne I think you will work it out as these don't look bad. What mode are you shooting the D50 in with the BB on? I have found that trying a few before I decide what I will set my camera at and the first one I go with is the P mode Now I shoot both Nikon and Canon but most of the time Canon and in the p mode the camera picks the SS for me according to the light and when you are shooting with a flash you get just a quick piece of the light so it really seems to look better if you have some light available then they won't be as dark and that means less noise when PP
    I try to keep my histgram to the right and that is a good guide for most. Am hoping you have the flash set at 50MM when the beamer is on even with the 300/4 Most likely the best advise I can give to both of us is to spend more time reading the book.:biggrin: :biggrin:
  11. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    Neither is too bad considering the conditions. Most of us wouldn't even try in those circumstances. You are definitely doing the right thing though, and that is going out and shooting. Reading about how to do it is good, but going out and doing it is better. You learn so much more that way.

    In case you haven't already, you need to make sure that the BB is aligned to put the light on the subject, every time you go out. You can do this by shooting at a fence or the side of your house. You'd be surprised at what a difference a small alignment change can make.
  12. vettenut


    Feb 27, 2006
    Tolland CT
    Oh, I just love#2. Usually you don't see the bird shots from that perspective, I think it's great. - Jeff
  13. Thanks Frank! I definitely need to practice more, and watch what I'm doing - like the settings I have the sb800 on! I wanted to practice more, but the weather has been too rainy! I may wait until we have better weather - the 2 photos were shot from my patio - LOL, NOT TRHOUGH THE DOOR!

    Thanks! I kept watching that birdie and any other birdie I could find within range. He was definitely singing up a storm and strutting his stuff. I'm assuming he was hoping to attract a girlfriend. I like catching critters doing something!
  14. Timeout


    May 23, 2006
    Dianne, good for you that you are expanding your horizons. In fact, you're going to have to teach me how to use the BB if/when I ever get one!

    I see you got your 1.4 TC. I personally like that combo better than with the 1.7 as it is a bit easier to use in terms of getting more keepers. At least for me, since I don't normally use a tripod.

  15. Thanks! I'm having fun with it! I'm also trying to not buy anything that isn't "practical!" LOL! What's practical in photography? I finally got the TC on Friday at Competitive Camera in Dallas. I was getting tired of Wolf not being able to get this and that. I have a long way to go in practicing, learning how to use my sb800 and such, but at least I can take the photo, delete and start over! And I'll give ya one piece of advice......

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