More wedding shots and link to the pro's gallery

Discussion in 'People' started by Backdoctor, May 15, 2005.

  1. Here is a link to what the pro we paid did. He did OK I guess.

    Here are some more of mine:
    shoulda put on the sb800 for this and used fill, but too lazy to walk to the truck for it, besides, I was paying the pro to get shots like this:
    my cousin and uncle (not his father):
    my middle daughter and the boogerman:
    the boogerman dancing:


    more can be seen at:

    I will add as I process. Gonna take a break now.
  2. Harris,

    WOW, these are great!!! :D :D :D

    What lens did you use??

  3. Thanks Bryan, used the 17-55.
  4. Looks like you had a blast! The Pro's shots look very nice as well. Allot of times, most destination weddings get very shoddy work. Hopefully they will have a nice album.
  5. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  6. peterdove

    peterdove Guest

    I am afraid I didnt like hard any of the Pro shots, wide angle blah, an attempt to be creative which I feel didnt pay off. You may of course like the style.. for me it doesnt do a thing for the people. It alright for certain shots, I think there were two shots in there where it worked and a gazillion it didnt.

    I think you would have captured more of what they were looking for if you did it yourself.

    In addition I would say that the close up shots you got were very nice, the first shot looks like your angle to the group was wrong so the group on the right look like they are straining towards the camera a little. I preferred your images to the Pros though there is one group shot using the very wide angle which looks pretty cool.

    Sorry if the tone of this post is a bit harsh.

  7. I thought the wa shots were a bit overdone. As for the angle I had on the group shot, I was trying to stay out of the Pro's way. Didnt want to make his job any harder. I just shot when I could. I was busy with stuff most of the time. Hopefully the albim will turn out nice. His other albums we saw did.
  8. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    Hope you took some time to have some fun too!

    Nice job on these shots, Harris. She's a radiant bride.
  9. Much better than OK, Harris. I think his work was awesome! Many of those lighting situtations would have been impossible for me to handle. He's got some wide angle, creative stuff, but he also did quite a few tight shots, particularly at the reception. It's a nice variety of perspectives, and the album will be fantastic!
  10. I don't think you needed the flash, Harris, because the background wasn't that bright. A little artificial fill flash, and some shifts in the color balance did the trick.


  11. Great job Frank, so howd you do that?
  12. I used a levels adjustment layer to brighten the subject's faces, masking off the effect from the sand and background. Then I used the color balance tool to reduce the amount of yellow and increase the amount of magenta by a scooch.
  13. I agree with Frank - No flash needed. A flash straight on could make the lighting too flat. I like your lighting and Franks adjustments.
  14. Excellent shots: Yours and his. He was maybe a an extreme-wideangle-photographer but nonetheless, he seems to have nailed all the shots fine.

    Beautiful daughter... I mean biewtifulll
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