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More Wolf Pups

Discussion in 'Other Animals' started by DogFather, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Here's a few more of the cuties :tongue:






  2. Matthias


    Apr 13, 2007
    Central Texas
    very nice - I especially like #3 - what is hanging from his mouth?
  3. Ummm . . . . .
    Cow parts, chew toys :rolleyes: 
  4. ArtO


    Jun 14, 2008
    Super shots. They are really cute. It's now wonder so many people have tried to tame and raise them.
  5. NO NO!!!
    If we're talking about "Wolfdogs" Yes many people have tried and it's an ongoing major problem. Rescue groups are overloaded with these "rejects". Unfortunately, it's not always the animals fault. These animals are beautiful but belong in the wild. Not couped up in a fenced pen or chained up because they can't be trusted. These are not your typical dog. Some manage to live good lives but have to have very strong and understanding owners who know how to deal with them and their destructive ways. Unfortunately there are thousands out there who don't make it and find themselves in a shelter where they won't get adopted, they'll get pts. We know of one who lives at a wildlife sanctuary and actually has learned how to play (outside the cages) with the cougars, tigers and other big cats. It's amazing to watch the interaction between them. He knows just how close he can get to each of the cats. The only one he's intimidated by is the lioness.


    Notice the Cougar has it's claws. Also notice the fur on the ground. The Cougar would "Groom" Beethoven and he's just sit there and enjoy it.

    Beethoven even made friends with a local Coyote

  6. hahahaha, is that how coyotes look when they're making friends?

    Great pictures!
    I have cowhides I use for my dog's flirtpole.
    I tried bringing one into the house for her to soften up (they are stiff from being dried out), but she tried to eat it, so I had to take it away.
    I have no concern that she'll be hurt from eating them, but if she eats them, she won't have a toy! D'oh.
  7. Loki_D_Wolf

    Loki_D_Wolf Guest

    Wolves are a need

    I appreciate the rescue efforts put forth and I really appreciate the pictures. People don't realize mixing wolf and dog is a bad idea. Wild is wild. Plenty of cases that show all animals that have been made to be tame still show their wild side. On a lighter note just look at "When Animals Attack". Should be titled "When Animals Behave As Animals".

    Getting off the soapbox these are great interactive photos. I love wolves with all my heart and soul. I got a chance to see them in Ely, MN at the International Wolf Center. Was simply incredible!
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