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Mother-In-Law Meets the Bee's

Discussion in 'People' started by Django, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Mother-in-law stopped by for a visit this morning. Used the expodisc to pre set white balance no color correction done in pp. Thanks in advance for any pointers...Ted B
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    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 25, 2007
  2. Since you've got a critique symbol beside this, I'll shoot.
    You did an excellent job in not blowing the hair - very difficult - well done! Tad too much saturation in the colour. I lowered the saturation.
    Sure hope your MIL isn't reading this: there's one reason why women my age and older hate having our picture taken, is because with the excellent technology that is available in high end cameras, every tiny year shows on our faces! If you want to really get in her good books, we do a little bit of touch up.... Katrin Eismann Photoshop Restoration and Retouching method.
    If you object to me editing your photo, I'll take it down.
    We do not want to remove wrinkles, we just want to lessen their impact.
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  3. Thanks Sandy,
    My mother-in-law will love what you did with the photo!
    I am not understanding why a lot of my photos seem oversaturated. I am shooting in raw converting and sharping with Rawshooter premium. I am not boosting the color anywhere. Maybe a setting in the camera I am missing? Thanks again.....Ted B
  4. Ottrott's Human

    Ottrott's Human

    May 21, 2006
    Nice work Ted. As Sandi pointed out, modern cameras do tend to really emphasize every single line in the face so a bit of touch up is a good idea. I even apply some touch up to the skin of my 6 year old most of the time.

    Check to see if your camera's color saturation is set to III. I usually leave mine set there although it is really supposed to be the landscape setting. For portraits Nikon recommends color set to I. try both and see what you like best. Personally I prefer a little too much saturation because it is so easy to knock it back a peg in post if needed.

    Keep it up!
  5. Maybe I should clarify: the lighting is what makes the wrinkles seem deeper, I'm just putting them back to what they should be!! :biggrin:
  6. One more tip for you. Move your MIL farther away from the backdrop and do not light the back drop at all (if you can help it). This will allow your back drop to go all the way black, minimizing distractions from wrinkles etc. It's a case of using the cameras limited dynamic range to your advantage.
  7. Hey Ted,

    I have had this problem (over saturated images on the web), so I'll ask you two questions...

    1. What is your color space in camera? aRGB or sRGB?
    2. How are you saving your pictures for posting to the web?

    I have seen where some people (read...me) have set their in camera color space to aRGB (and then process in PSCS2 with aRGB), but then forget to un-check the "ICC Profile" check box when saving the image for the web. This keeps the image in aRGB, and web browsers don't quite know how to handle it, so they all look oversaturated. Make sure, if you're working in aRGB, that the "ICC Profile" is *NOT* checked when you save, so that PSCS2 will convert it to sRGB.

    JMHO, of course...
  8. Hi John,
    My color space is set to sRGB.
    As far as saving for web I convert to jpeg with rawshooter premium and upload the images to my Zenfoilo account. Here is a link to the raw NEF file. You can see what it looks like from the camera.
    Raw Nef File

    I have been using Corel Paint Shop Pro for any PP usually very little. Though I know PP is a very important process to achieve the final photo I have been spending most of my available time trying to learn proper exposure and light placement. I figured PP was useless with out a properly exposed image to work with. I will be switching to CS2 shortly and see what I can get into :smile:
    Thanks again everyone for all the suggestions.....Ted B
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