Mount Rainier Wildflowers

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  1. Well it was a beautiful day on Sunday. My wife Janice and I met up with another D2X user and spent the morning soaking in all the beauty. They are saying this is the best wild flower season in 30 years. I have been to the mountain many times but this was by far the best. I was on sensory overload for sure.

    These small pictures do not do justice to the mountain landscape. Here are just a few of the pictures I took. All shot with the D2X and Nikon polarizer filter on the 18-35 lens.


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  2. Those are beauties Jim! It can be hard to show the profusion of flowers that your eye sees and you certainly succeeded. I do not think I have ever seen this many.
  3. Thanks Rory. It is a fantastic year and we hit it pretty close to the peak bloom so we were lucky. I was pretty happy that the 18-35 seemed ok with the D2X. I know it is not the best lens.
  4. JeffKohn


    Apr 21, 2005
    Houston, TX
    Nice shots, I especially like the composition in the first one.
  5. Very nice Jim. Where abouts were you around the Mountain, near Sunrise?
  6. That first shot belongs on a calendar! Or enlarged and hanging on your wall! Got one Red "x" so I'll check back...
  7. Thanks Jeff. I too liked the first one best.

    Louis, thanks for the kind words. These were all shot in the Paradise area. We hiked on three different trails all leaving from the parking lot.

    Thanks Kevin. I am looking forward to printing the first one large as it will be the first with the new camera. The red x is most likely due to Pbase. It was working on my end.
  8. Beautiful shots of Mt Rainier and the wildflowers really cap it off. Very nice color saturation.
  9. Thanks Gordon. The D2X really did a great job, I did use the Nikon polarizer and that also helped. When I used to use my D100 I found I needed to boost the saturation more. Does not seem to be an issue with the X. It also helps to have good light.
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