Mount Timpanogos has a good summer

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  1. SRA


    Jul 29, 2005
    Orem, Utah
    If the snow stays on the west side of Mount Timpanogos until August it signifies a good water year:

    Taken this winter from my bedroom window

    Taken just 15 minutes ago from my front yard
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    Painfully obvious are is my amateur skill level, classes start this fall :)
  2. Wow! What a view from your bedroom!! I think I could lie there under my down comforter and stare at that scenery for days! ;) Nice shots!

    There's still a little snow so maybe a mediocre water year? :)
  3. SRA


    Jul 29, 2005
    Orem, Utah
    Actually a great water year Kevin. We've been in a drought for the last seven years and this year was our drought buster. You should have seen all the avalanches along the canyons where I ride. It wasn't until mid July that they were finally cleared away.
  4. I first hiked Mt. Timpanogas when I was a Boy Scout and have hiked it many times since. Good shots and thanks for the memories.
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