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Mountain goats

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Keith, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. Again struggled in low light, but all things considering still luv the subject..........this was a cool hike about 8pm up Mount Edith as we were coming down from the glaciers, cool hike........

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    my favourite
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  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Those are wonderful images Keith,

    They jump right off the pic. Like 3d.

    Those D2X files on the net don't do it any big favors.

    But they are still great quality images. Wish I could see them like you do on your screen......
  3. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Excellent and unique images Keith. Which lens did you use for these shots?
  4. Jsut awesome how about soem detail both photgraphy wise and location these are really great i love all types of goats
  5. Thanks Gale

    Thanks for looking and commenting.........not a big fan of the D2x web sized pics, but the prints are beautiful.........

    take care my friend, lets see some more birdy pics :D 

  6. Hi Frank.......

    would like to tease you and say the 400mm but these were with the 70-200mm + 1.4tc VR, was shooting 1/60 to 1/80th at f8 silly me, got too excited and wasnt paying attn, overall pleased...........wonder how flash would have done with the white?? I underexposed these almost half a stop as I was scared to blow out the white, but d2x gives you those blinkies prematurely, handles the whites quite well.........

    thanks for looking
  7. Hi Mike..

    Not sure what detail you are looking for, so if I miss it just PM me........

    These were taken in Jasper National Park (mount edith), drive 22km drive up the mountain, 7000 ft climb, breath taking, wish it was sunny out, lots of cloud and seems to rain allot up there, winter in the Park is awesome.........once you get to the top, you have a 2km hike to a natural glacier, have pics somewhere, LOL....... 18km up the kiddies saw these white animals, asking if there was albino deer, LOL..........took about a 1 km jaunt to try and get close enough and they were very tolerant of us. I luv it they were just on the side of the cliff giving you that DOF, it was about 7:30pm, all I could must was approx 1/80th of a second, had camera on f8 , duhhhh and no flash. Lot of animals in jasper, I find not as many in Banff these days since the F8 summet and the govt paid millions to remove allot of animals out of the park, or should say tax payers money........but still lots around....... If you ever get a chance to come this way, MUST SEE!! happy to guide you :p  After 3 days there, we went into BC for a couple of days, the mountains are just so serene and scenic, a site to behold. Its amazing we take this for granted in our own back yard............I dont see many moutain goats, more bighorn sheep than goats but they are definitely there, guess you just got to know what you are looking for, ton of elk ( and yes I have pics :wink: ) and see atleast a blackbear a day........... saw 1 GBH a mile out, very few birdies except ravens...........

    thanks for looking :) 

  8. Keith, Beautiful shots! The second shot looks like a postcard.

  9. Re: Hi Mike..

    Thanks Keith wow sound like and incredible trip have to ad it on my places to go list
  10. Great shots, Keith! It would be so cool to see these in the wild. You must be thrilled!
  11. Great shots Keith, congratulation. It's nice to see something a little unusual as this is not a common sight here on this forum.
  12. Hi Keith,

    These are truly excellent, in particular the second one, my personal fave. I think you should turn these into postcards: add some funny captions (goats *are* fun!)...

    Thanks for sharing. :p 
  13. All great shots, but that second one is the best!
  14. Keith,

    Great shots. Those are amazing animals and seem to be able the
    run up sheer cliffs.

    We have two areas where they are close by, but way above timberline.

  15. Thanks Anthony and Kevin ;-) (nt)

  16. Re: Hi Mike..

    Just come visit, free room and board and computer to use :D  But you have to bring some birdies with you! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Anytime Mike!

  17. Thanks

    Thanks everyone, appreciate you all taking the time to comment, they are cool animals that you dont see everyday, just printing as we speak!
    Hope everyone has a GREAT week. Thanks for looking Philippe, Gordon, Vinod, Ray!!!

  18. I like #2 the picture is sharp and a most beautiful contrast.
  19. Keith
    These are truly outstanding images! Beautiful place to hike about and see things like this. I am jealous!
  20. Keith,

    Beautiful shots! I haven't seen any of these for about 10 years. They are so neat to see. The last time I saw some of these was on a guided hike up to the Burgess Shale fields in Yoho Park. There was a crew camped out and working on the fossil beds there. The mountain goats were used to people and were almost tame. They would come within about 10 to 12 feet of you.
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