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Moving iVew catalogs to new PC?

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by flygirl1, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Morning all. I will be getting a new computer in a few months and was thinking about the movement of my iView catalogs. I will still have my old PC, and I have backed up my pics and catalogs on an external HD, but was wondering what would be the best way of moving things over to the new PC. The other thought I had was to leave things as is and just start a new catalog on the new PC. Any thoughts or opinions would be much appreciated:smile:.

    Thanks all
  2. Moving iView catalogs is as simple as copying them over. If all of your photos are on external disks, unplug them from PC1, plug them into PC2, make sure they have the same drive letter assignments, and you are set.

    If want to set different drive letters, that is no sweat. When you open your iView catalog, you will see in the lower left pane that the file locations have question marks. You can highlight the top level directly, right-click it, and reset the path. It will then find all of the other files underneath. Then resave the catalog and the new path will be saved.

    I moved from a Windows to a MacBook Pro last weekend and my iView catalogs moved over with no problems. I only had to reset the path to my top level directory.
  3. Thanks Walter:smile:. I thought that might be the case because the file directory setup will be exactly the same on both machines. Great stuff:smile:

  4. Glad to help. I have found my move to the Mac to be rather seamless.
  5. Great design on iView's part.
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