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Moving to 135 F/2?

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by italy74, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Yes, move to 135 F/2 DC

    3 vote(s)
  2. No, remain to 105 F/2 DC

    8 vote(s)
  1. Maybe I could set a poll here...
    I'm really happy with my 105 DC, it's surely the sharpest of the whole bunch, and however sometimes I feel a bit short and overlapping with the 85.. so I'm thinking to a swap with the 135 DC which could be a shorter tele to use also against the 70/200 in certain events.

    Seen my lenses, what would you do?

    yes or no?
  2. nykonian


    May 4, 2007
    New York
    135mm is not for me :)  I prefer 85-105mm FL better.
  3. Oh, well, I forgot to mention.. with the 105 I could add (later and with more money) the "lighter" option of a 180, less "showy" than the 70/200.
  4. 135mm/2 DC is almost as sharp as the 105/2 DC so guess its only a matter of wich focal lenght you need/want. Personally i would pick my 70-200/2,8 VR up for portraits if i needed to go above 85mm. But thats just me. :) 

    I got tired of the 105/2 DC, it had focusing issues right out of the box. Wich many report it has due to the DC function. Returned it and havent really missed it either.
  5. ..and this is just for fun...
    a shopgirl just told me: "here the 135 NEW is 1500€ (=2000$ more or less) while your 105, EVEN IF it was Like New, we could pay it AT MOST the HALF of what you paid (that is about 550-600€ = 810$)" what a laugh! Even if I'd ever decide I won't go any longer there, that's for sure!
  6. I don't think a poll will help you. I'm afraid what will happen is that you will get a group of opinions about what you should do based on what the poll takers would do. Many of us are not fans of the 135mm focal length. Many of us are. You need to decide if the 135 is a length that would be useful to you. If so, then you have your answer.
  7. Hi Mike

    sorry but I'm really messing up in replying to you. However, you're definitely right, focal lenght matters and it's really what I'm considering more. I don't want using the 105 only as a "specialty" lens to use for great portraits (head to head, I find it even better than the 85, which is 1 stop faster, yet, so that I often choose the shorter against the longer, "to be safe") Being a bit longer would put on the balance also a greater utility for longer candids when I don't need the 70/200. Plus, trading the 105 for the 135, I'd save a lot of money. If I'd decide to go for the 180, I wouldn't solve the original question, nay, I'd add another reason and money paid, NOT TO USE the 105.
    On the other hand, of course a 135 could be REALLY long in certain studio situations to frame tighter a subject.
    Of course, your advice is well appreciated since most of you if not all are more experienced than me and can see some aspect I couldn't get correctly. I'm not questioning the IQ or other optical qualities since I think I've passed the "measurbation phase" ;) 
    Thanks in advance, I hope to have better explained my point of view. Actually, I'd vote for 135 in my own poll, but I'll lowly wait the end to express my final thought.
  8. I forgot: if you remember, some days ago I asked for a Tamron TC for my 90 macro: in this case too, the 105 would be less used once again. I need to rationalize my kit now, the 85 comes for real lust as a wonderful gift after I already had the 105.
  9. I have the 85 f/1.4 and the 135 f/2. I really like both, but if I had to do all over again, I'd probably get the 105.
  10. The fact that you are thinking this through so carefully speaks well of you. I'm sure that once you decide it will be the right decision ... for you. My 105/2 DC is the only 105 I own and have ever owned, maybe ever will own. I find it an extraordinary lens with a unique look for landscapes taken at long distance, especially with a D1X. A 135mm, any 135mm, is awkward to me and I have, in my film kit, a Takumar 135 that is as fine a lens as I own but I have never been confortable with how it frames and the DOF. Probably all in my head but, there it is.
  11. Hi Jeff
    I'm interested in your evaluation... why would you get the 105? Lenght? IQ? What else?
  12. Hi Mike

    you're right but you have also a 150mm and 180mm lens.. if you wouldn't have those lenses, would you consider it?
  13. No, I would buy a 150/2.8 or a 180/2.8 or a 200/2. I find the 135 an awkward length and just prefer something shorter or longer. I talked to a pro in my favorite camera store one day who told me he had both the 105/2DC and the 135/2DC. He said he thought the 105 was a bit better but he preferred the 135 because of its working distance. That is the choice you're faced with I think; working distance and DOF. At least you know you don't have to worry about image quality.
  14. Ciao Mike, probably you're right and surely I'm definitely attracted by the DC feature, plus the unusual large aperture for a middle-tele, otherwise I'd just choose something like you said (Sigma 150 and Nikkor 180 are indeed two GREAT lenses)
  15. rvink


    Mar 21, 2006
    New Zealand
    I heard that the DC effect is more noticeable on the 135/2 DC, possibly due to the longer focal length and greater blurring of the background (maybe that's why there is no 85 DC lens). If you use the DC ring, that may be a factor.
    Is it possible for you to borrow or rent a 135/2 DC? Nothing beats experience in the hand for answering questions like this.
  16. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    u need neither ...u got the 85 1.4 and the Tammy 90 with 1.4 t/c so u got that all covered..,,, that DC feature is basically a marketing trick, imho.

    sell the 105 dc and that Tammy 28-75 and pick up a Nikon 28-70 2.8 (the best zoom ever made, imho) and u will have a kit to die for ..lol
    ,,,and if u must, pick up an old (CHEAP) 102 2.5 MF.
  17. ZBaum

    ZBaum Guest

    I love my 135 DC, but if I could've chosen, I would've gotten a 105 DC or a 105 VR (couldn't afford either of those). I find the 135mm focal length a bit long, but I'm waiting to see how it does as a PJ lens before I decide if I want to keep it or not. If I were you, I'd keep the 105.
  18. 105, next question please. :smile:
  19. "I want"

    wow, this is a well known statement, all over the world ! :D  :D  :D 

    Thanks all, surely your opinions made me thinking... :) 
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